World news – 30 Taliban fighters were killed during the bombing course in the mosque when the bomb accidentally exploded


The Afghan army said the explosion was so powerful that the militants could not be identified from the remains

Taliban fighters, who were learning how to make bombs and improvised explosive devices, were killed in a massive explosion when a bomb was accidentally set off.

According to the Afghan news agency Khaama Press, at least 30 militants were killed in the explosion on Saturday.

The incident took place in Qultaq village, Dowlatabad district, Balkh province, northern Afghanistan.

The Afghan National Army said in a statement that six foreigners were included in the death toll, but the explosion was so massive that the remains could not be identified from the remains.

Khaama Press reported that two children were killed by an EID planted by the Taliban in a village in Kunduz province.

The Taliban signed a peace treaty with former President Donald Trump in February 2020, which signaled the end of the longest war in US history, the war in Afghanistan. A month later, US officials said the Taliban did not intend to honor the terms of the peace deal.

« We recognize that America should not fight in the graveyard of the rich forever if we can help Afghans forge peace, » said Mike Pompeo, then Secretary of State.

The deal set a deadline in May by which all US troops should be removed from Afghanistan. However, this depended on the Taliban severing all ties to the Al Qaeda terrorist group. President Joe Biden has not indicated whether he would honor his presidential predecessor’s commitment.

According to reports, NATO is also considering when about 9,600 troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan. Some have called for the exit to be delayed to prevent more bloodshed and chaos.

The Taliban have promised that the violence in Afghanistan will continue until the US pulls out of the nation.

NATO will delay Afghanistan’s withdrawal as Taliban violence escalates – BBC News

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