World news – African Union – Bihar: Darbanga airport starts operations with SpiceJet flight and strengthens connectivity with Methila area


Darbhanga Airport in North Bihar began operations Sunday, to meet the long-standing demand of the people of Methila who travel for hours to Patna to catch the plane when the first flight, operated by Spicejet, landed at the airport from Bengaluru, it was delivered a salute The usual watery, while passengers were welcomed with Mithila Paags (traditional cover) and wreaths

The plane then took off for Delhi with 180 passengers on board, including Darbanga BJP MP, Gopalji Thakur, Darbanga City legislator Sanjay Sarawji, and MLC Dilip Chowdhury. Officials said Darbanga will be linked by flights to Darbanga. Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru

They said that residents of the area will save at least four to five hours of travel to and from Patna with the start of the airport. “It is really a good start. I hope the infrastructure and other facilities at the airport will improve and that the flight service will start to other cities as well,” he said. A passenger who arrived from Bengaluru

A person who came to bid farewell to a relative at the airport said that with the airport starting up, people would not have to miss flights due to traffic jams while traveling to Patna. “There were times when we were stuck in Gandhi Sitto because of traffic jams and now we will not have to Traveling to Batna to meet or bid farewell to someone. « 

With a lump in his throat, a man who was at the airport to greet his daughter said, “Today I will receive her in my hometown.” The Indian Airports Authority has developed the airport as a civilian enclave, which is part of an Indian air base designated for civil aviation operations, in Kivati, about six Kilometers from the city of Darbanga, the cornerstone of Darbanga Airport, the third in the state after Patna and Gaya, was laid in December 2018

The flights will be operated by Spicejet under the « Udan » regional connection scheme. Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri announced in September that the airport would begin operations in the first week of November before Chhath

He said the airport building has a capacity of 150 passengers. Thakur, the local MP, said, “Residents of Methila district are grateful to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for starting the flight service from Darbanga I also thank the Minister of Civil Aviation who started operations before Chahat Puja.

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World News – Australia – Bihar: Darbhanga Airport begins operating with SpiceJet flight, strengthening connectivity with Methila


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