World news – African Union – Calabrian family wines want certainty about China


The general manager of one of Australia’s largest privately owned wine companies says he wants certainty on the issue of imports and tariffs in China as the group strengthens its Australian portfolio with the acquisition of three brands, including Deakin Estate

The wines of the Calabria family, with an annual crush of 20,000 tons of grapes, ranks 14th among the largest wine group in Australia. Exports to China account for about 8 percent of total revenue

Calabria Family Wines generates about 8 percent of its revenue from exports to China, Albert Wengler

General Manager Michael Calabria said the acquisition of Deakin Estate, La La Land and Azahara from the international group Henkell Freixenet was part of Premiumisation’s strategy that continues to expand the portfolio away from core commercial wine-making operations in the Griffith area of ​​NSW

Calabria Family Wines has a history spanning 75 years, and Mr Calabria said the group started exporting to China in 2006. Exports account for 60 percent of total sales, with the group selling wine to 36 countries, with Europe and the UK the strongest markets. / p>

He said the entire wine industry was frustrated by having to watch and wait for China.

Certainty is required and he said, « Once we know what’s coming, even if it’s something we don’t like, then everyone can move on »

Calabria Family Wines is one of hundreds of Australian wine companies, ranging from the largest companies, such as Treasury Wine Estates and Accolade Wines, to smaller operators who are eagerly awaiting decisions from China

The prospect of Chinese authorities punishing tariffs and speculation about a widespread ban on importing a variety of Australian products, including wine, crabs, sugar, copper and timber, have brought stocks in Treasury Wine Estates to their lowest level in five years $ 7 96 last week

Calabria Family Wines expanded into the prestigious Barossa Valley region of South Australia with a vineyard purchase in 2012, then established a basement presence near Vine Valley after a $ 2 million acquisition in 2015

Mr Calabria said the group is looking forward to more potential acquisitions that may emerge, as the reshuffling of Chinese exports could potentially lead to a rethink by some players.

He said, « We’re going to look at some of the things that might come up on the table »

Calabria Family Wines adopted a similar strategy to Casella Wines, the manufacturer of the big-selling Yellow Tail brand, which also diversified away from the primary wine commercial operations in the Griffith region

Casella acquired Peter Lehmann Wines operations in the Barossa Valley in 2014 for $ 57 million in 2015, acquired Brands Laira in the prestigious Coonawarra region of South Australia, and bought the Morris Wines group of fortified wine brands from Rutherglen in Victoria In July 2016, the Shaw Family Vintners winery in South Australia in 2017

Mr Calabria said that Calabrian wines had followed a similar transformation, albeit on a smaller scale.

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World News – AU – Calabria Family Wines want certainty about China
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