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A teenager from Queensland has been hospitalized with what doctors call a « hot tub lung ».

The 17-year-old was taken to the emergency room after 10 days of ankle reconstruction due to coughing, fever and difficulty breathing, as doctors wrote in the Respiratory Case Report. .

The doctors wrote that « no viral or other systemic symptoms including rash, joint pain, or hematuria were reported ».

“There was no prior medical or respiratory history. There was also no recent travel history or ill contacts; However, his younger brother (14 years old) recently had a cough related to shortness of breath, and his mother reported having had a persistent cough over the previous three months..

A « loud crackling » sound was heard as doctors heard the breathing patterns in his chest. Give him extra oxygen.

A CT scan was also performed on his chest. The doctors asked the teen’s family what he was doing.

They told the doctors he was sitting in a briefing room near the indoor pool and the beds went from one that contains chlorine to one that does not contain chlorine.

“An occupational hygienist attended the family home and determined that mold was present in the house due to excessive humidity, and that the family had pet cockatiels residing in the kitchen area,” the doctors wrote.

“Looking at the environmental antigens present in the family home along with the patient’s clinical course, a preliminary diagnosis of hypersensitivity (HP) pneumonia was made..

The doctors didn’t notice anything else the family told them, as much as the teenager got other water supplies, « Hurry this diagnosis up ».

Water was tested from the kitchen, bath and shower at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

From an indoor pool specimen and lower respiratory examination of a teenager, Mycobacterium intracellulare was found.. It is a bacterium that can cause respiratory illnesses and can also lead to fever and weight loss.

Doctors diagnosed the teen with a hot tub lung disease, a lung disease caused by germs or bacteria in hot water vapor..

Nothing was found in the other water sources in the house but it was completely cleaned anyway.

No other family member showed any serious signs of a lung hot tub and were treated « conservatively ».

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World News – Australia – Doctors issue severe warning about « hot tub lung »


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