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Farmers are forced to abandon crops due to shortage of workers as thousands are sitting out of work, and the result could be an expensive birthday for you

Australian farms, which are usually thriving with young foreign nomads at this time of year, hope that Australians can bridge the gap left by the country’s international workforce

Federal Minister David Littlebraud said the Queensland government needs to do more to help save millions of dollars in fresh produce from landfills as thousands of Australians search for jobs in the photo: Fruit picker Ian Hindel with Nareli Emerton, co-owner of Riverton Citrus, He inspects the Mandarin in Murcott. Photo: Shirley Way / Central & North Burnett Times Source: News Regional Media

A Federal Minister criticized the « outrageous » rules preventing seasonal workers from coming to Queensland, despite a serious shortage of fruit pickers.

But his counterpart in Queensland responded by saying that the federal government is not doing enough to help farmers suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic

Millions of dollars in Queensland produce are being transported to a landfill as state farmers struggle to fill thousands of fruit-picking jobs, despite the number of job seekers

According to the Courier Mail report, farmers are terrified of high unemployment while forced to plow crops into the land without workers around to harvest it

Job seeker data reveals that around 27,000 people in Queensland’s prime fruit growing regions are receiving government assistance, while up to 25,000 fruit picking jobs need to be filled during the peak season

And while Queenslanders may not want to do the work, Federal Minister for Agriculture David Littlebrud said that people in other states do – they can’t do it across borders

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littlebrud said the Queensland government needs to do more to empower Australians who are working hard to provide millions of dollars in fruit and vegetables from landfills Source: Channel 9

Mr Littleproud said it was « not common sense » that hard-working Australians from the states looking for work were not able to move freely to fill in the blanks.

He said the federal government tried to initiate an incentive for states to allow farm and agricultural workers to move freely in a safe manner from the Coronavirus, but Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania did not register to join him

“It is about the free movement of workers between states in a safe manner from the Corona virus,” Mr. Little Proud told the Today Show Monday morning program

“What we’re saying is let’s allow farmers and agricultural workers to act There is a third group that the states want to classify as occasional seasonal workers would be backpackers who have been in the country for some time, even some Australians who do

“The challenge we face when a country does not register is that if you are picking fruit in Griffith right now, you want to go to Bowen to pick the mangoes, and you will be picked up at Stanthorpe and put in a hotel for $ 2,800”

Under the new boundary rules, only workers from the Greater Sydney and Victoria area can enter Queensland

His attack on the Queensland government prompted the state’s Secretary of Agriculture, Mark Forner, to describe Little Broad as « out of reach » and « disappointing », indicating that the incentive that the three states chose not to participate in « was rejected by the Australian Home Committee. Health Protection (AHPPC) « 

“AGMIN (National Forum of Agriculture Ministers) called very early on in the article to get the right employment,” said Wörner, “We have devised a scheme for eligible Queensland residents to meet the shortage by offering incentives of $ 1,500”

“But the federal government really needs to step up its game and address these issues, and what Mr Littleproud might be helpful in, is if he deals with his farmers.

“Farmers say the federal government didn’t take this seriously, and it should have done more to keep backpackers here. There was a shortage of 100,000 workers as the federal government allowed backpackers to return home. It’s disappointing

“The AHPPC rejected the symbol that Mr. Littleproud continues to suggest is appropriate he wants one foot in the camp to try to target the states, but also opposes health advice. It’s not only.

Fruit pickers, like Ticiana Marusic, are counted on to ensure that Queensland’s fresh produce reaches supermarkets Photo: Chris Kidd Source: News Corp Australia

There are concerns that supermarket prices will rise in the run-up to Christmas if things continue down the current path

Tyson Mash, a spokesperson for the National Farmers’ Union, said the shortage of workers was just another blow to farmers, who were at the « end of their wits »

“We are calling people now for anyone willing and able to jump into this sector

“They have withstood the drought, the flood fires, and all those conditions that they cannot control. Then this year they had a reasonable year It stunned them that some men had to plow their crops in the land because they could not get a workforce. ”

Mr Littleproud said the Queensland government is « currently transferring foreign workers, allowing them to be isolated on the farm » but preventing Australians from taking the same jobs

“We are incentivizing Australians with up to $ 6,000 to pay travel costs to get them off the sofa and cause a rift, but these states are holding on to that.

“There is a group of people who really need to get up and experiment with this.

“Farmers do not have the luxury to sit and wait for someone to pick the fruit People need to help them « 

Mr. Forner said, « I hope he gets the facts right before fooling himself. »

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World News – African Union – Federal Minister of Agriculture says Qld rules « are not common sense »


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