World news – African Union – is urging Covid-19 to move from major Australian cities to regional regions


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Many Australians have been leaving major cities to live in regional areas since the Covid-19 pandemic, which has led them to realize that they can work from home and don’t need to put up with exorbitant property prices and overcrowding.

Mass immigration left Sydney and Melbourne suffering net losses of 14,000 and 10,000, respectively, in the first half of the year.. Most of those who left went to regional and rural areas across the country.

The demographic shift is a reflection of the standard trend in Australia, which typically involves people moving to cities from regional areas, where average wages are lower and unemployment is higher in some regions. Nearly 70 percent of Australia’s population of 25. 6 million inhabitants live in the eight capitals. More than 40 percent live in Sydney and Melbourne, the two largest cities.

Escaping from urban areas had a major impact on the real estate market, causing prices to rise in regional areas as city prices fell.. Since the epidemic hit Australia in March, urban property prices have decreased by 2%. 3 percent, while regional values ​​increased by 1 percent. 7 percent.

Real estate prices are booming in some regions. In the Southern Grampians, a picturesque area about 300 kilometers west of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, house prices are up 31 percent in the year through September 30.. .

The Southern Grampians real estate agent, John Lawson, said the demand for local real estate has been « absolutely insane ».

“I haven’t seen anything like this in 48 years in real estate,” he told the Domain property website.

« We had people from Melbourne, Queensland, other regional centers and even Western Australia buying homes and unseen blocks of land.. They all just want out.

Some regional areas had already started to grow before the epidemic, mainly due to people leaving the cities, as property prices have risen in recent years..

In the capitals, the average property price is AUD $ 638,264 ($ 625,256) versus AU $ 403,181 in the regional areas, according to CoreLogic real estate analysts. Average prices in Sydney and Melbourne are 860. $ 955 AU $ 666. $ AUD 240 respectively.

Mrs. Joe Yates, who left Sydney, New South Wales for the town of Tewentin, Queensland, had expected the move to be temporary, but now plans to stay..

“Just coming here, having a little bit of space, actually made me realize how above each other we were, how nervous everyone was, and how unfriendly it could be,” she told The Sun Herald. « For half the amount I was paying in Bondi (in Sydney), I got a four-bedroom house instead of a two-bedroom unit, » the 41-year-old added.. .

But it is not yet clear whether the migration will be permanent or whether Australians will return to their urban life when the epidemic ends..

Urban planner Tony Matthews of Griffith University said Australia appears to be entering a new era of « regionalism », in which population will spread from capital cities to larger regional centers. He said the influx in regional areas would boost economic development and help local businesses.

Dr. Matthews said in the news: « The transition from cities continues; we’re not backing down on this. ». Com. Au site.

“The big problem for the provincial cities was that they did not have professional worker jobs. But the work from home revolution unintentionally solved this problem because your job can move with you now.. .

Melbourne experienced a second dangerous wave of Coronavirus but is emerging from lockdown. The state of Victoria yesterday recorded its 16th consecutive day of no new cases and no deaths.

Dr. Liz Allen, a demographer at the Australian National University, said the recent mass migration has ended the trend of people moving to major cities, but she doesn’t think it will be a long-term change.. « Once there is a solution to Covid-19, people will start returning to the cities, but whether they are the same people who left is another story, » she told The Age.. .

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World News – Australia – Urging Covid-19 to move from major Australian cities to regional regions


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