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Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelo resigned after a counselors’ conduct court indicted for misconduct, opening the door to a local anti-Adani legend « Chris Pineapple » Hopper

Despite disagreement over their findings regarding a day trip to one of the Adani solar farms, Ms. Strelow resigned Monday at 5 p.m.

Ms Strillo, who was re-elected mayor eight months ago, said official visits were part of the mayor.

“My refusal to agree that I might have been compromised in some way through the visit is a matter of personal integrity for me,” she wrote on Facebook

“As an honor, given the outcome of the misconduct, I submitted my resignation to the CEO this afternoon.”

Ms Strillo apologizes to a community that may not have a « mayor who was not of your choice, » but hopes the government will allow by-elections to take place

“As runner-up in the recent Rockhampton mayoral election, local legend Chris“ Pineapple ”Hopper appears ready to take on the role, in line with recently passed laws.

“Chris is a staunch supporter of the protesters and environmentalists in the region, and he has protested frequently against the Adani Mine”

Mrs. Strelow, who was mayor for 16-and-a-half years after having been counselor for three years, thought she left society in better shape

« We have gone through difficulties with hurricanes, floods, de-merger and the necessary budget, but the brutality that followed, » she said.

“On the plus side, we have reimagined Rockhampton and grown a region to be proud of.

“I have always known and felt the support of the majority of society and they were my strength and inspiration”

“I think she was a victim of a witch hunt that the Queensland government committed to labor,” she wrote on Facebook

“I always thought the rules imposed on regional local governments were strict and irrelevant to the regional Queensland state”

“Margaret and I agreed on most topics and always wanted the best for Rockhampton,” she said

“She has always been a relentless advocate of the region, often at the expense of her standing within the Labor Party”

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World News – African Union – Rockhampton Mayor resigns over discovery of misconduct


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