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World news – African Union – The appeal has devastated the Silk Miller families

Families of the two murdered police officers, Gary Silk and Rodney Miller, say they were destroyed by the court that granted a retrial of one of the alleged killers

The court’s decision to overturn one of the alleged killers’ convictions ruined the capture of two Victorian policemen killed during a robbery investigation

Sergeant Gary Silk and Chief Constable Rodney Miller are ambushed and shot dead during a 1998 battle in a possible robbery target in a suburb of Morabine

Jason Roberts and Bandale Debs were found guilty of the 2002 murders, but on Tuesday the Victoria Court of Appeals ordered a new trial for Mr. Roberts.

My family, Silk and Miller, said in a statement: « This was not the decision we had hoped to hear, 22 years after the murder of Gary Rod

Sen Kunst Miller has left his wife Carmel Arthur and his seven-week-old son Jimmy who is now 22 years old

Sergeant Silk survived his parents and two brothers, including Peter, now married to Mrs. Arthur

The appeals court found that the behavior of the officers investigating the case was « reprehensible » and constituted « gross and fundamental corruption in the trial process »

The families sided with the investigating officers, saying they were especially sad about the decision of investigative members, known as Taskforce Lorimer.

“A number of lives changed when Gary Rod was killed, and life will never be the same, including those of first responders and members of Lorimer’s Task Force who expressed their admiration for their courage, determination, and agility while remaining steadfast in and commitment to bring the killers to justice”


« We have no doubt that the original denunciations of Jason Roberts and Bandale Debs were true »

Victorian Police Association Secretary Wayne Gott said families will not rest until their loved ones can.

“It’s a tough day, one of the many unreliable family days of Gary Silk and Rodney Miller over the past 22 years”

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World News – AU – Silk Miller’s families are destroyed due to appeal
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SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com/news/world-news-african-union-the-appeal-has-devastated-the-silk-miller-families/?remotepost=554854


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