World news – African Union – The Bourke Street attack was helped by a « perfect storm » of police shortcomings, the coroner found


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The Burke Street rampage helped James Gargasolas the killer by « a perfect storm » of police shortcomings, resulting in a « convergence of events » that worked in the killer’s favor, according to a Victoria magistrate.

Gargasoulas is currently serving at least 46 years in prison for killing six people and wounding 27 others by driving a Holden Commodore through Bourke Street Mall on January 20, 2017..

While delivering her findings after investigating the deaths, pathologist Jackie Hawkins said that « poor planning, lack of firm leadership [and] lack of adequate resources, » combined with « inflexible situations, » allowed Gargasolas to wander through Melbourne by speeding during lunchtime crowds in Melbourne CBD.

She said an official manhunt should have been called in, and failure to do so led to a lack of supervision.

But the forensic doctor said that she is unable to determine whether the murders could have been prevented if the circumstances were different, saying that stopping the transfer of offenders « was very difficult. ».

The police had been pursuing Caracasola since the early hours of January 20, after his brother Angelo was stabbed..

The search for him began about an hour after the stabbing, but the police failed to stop him until after his fatal attack around 1:30 pm.

About half an hour before the murders, Detective Murray Gentner, who had several previous interactions with Gargasoulas, including his bail session six days earlier, attempted to negotiate for Gargasoulas to surrender.

The forensic doctor noticed that the police came nearer to stop Gargasula while he was heading towards the city, but he said that the police feared the consequences of hitting his car.

She said the police have done a lot of « self-research, » and that a number of policy changes regarding the hunt have already been made, reducing the need for drastic conclusions..

Out of respect to the families of the dead, Ms. Hawkins did not use the name Gargasolas when presenting her findings..

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World News – AU – The Bourke Street attack helped a « perfect storm » of police shortcomings, investigators discover
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