World news – African Union – The Fraser Island forest fire still burning a month after an illegal camp fire broke out


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Queensland parks and wildlife rangers are searching for campers who are believed to have caused a major forest fire that has burned over 25,000 hectares of Fraser Island National Park.

The fires have been burning for a month and are unlikely to be extinguished until the heavy rain hits the island.

The fire forced the evacuation of 10 camping areas and a guard station on the World Heritage-listed island.

Jack Worcester, store and camp manager in the cathedrals in Fraser, said the sky was orange.

“A fair amount of ash fell. « We have collected and cleaned the gutters to prepare. ».

Mr Worcester said the bushfires burned « all the way to the sand » in some parts of the north..

Ms O’Connor said: « Initial indications are that the fire started after an illegal fire was not properly extinguished. ».

“The public has been generous in sharing information regarding the causes of this fire and investigations are ongoing.

It started at the northern tip of the island and moved northwest across the island.

Changes in the winds have pushed it southward over the past two weeks, traveling more than 40 kilometers down the island.

Firefighters prepared to support containment lines around the beach town of Orchid, and the Dundubara Ranger Station and camping area have since come under threat as well..

No campfire is permitted on Fraser Island unless there is a campfire ring at Dundubara or Waddy Point campfire.

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Fraser Island, Australian bushfires

World News – African Union – Forest fires in Fraser Island still burning a month after an illegal camp fire broke out
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