World News – African Union – Watch a member of parliament end another year of parliament with a unique copy of « Hallelujah »


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After a tough year for many, David Templeman, West Australia’s West Coast MP, put smiles on countless faces again with a packaging song that arrives Parliament for 2020.

This year, Representative Mandurah Mr. Templeman chose to sing his own version of Hallelujah by Leonord Cohen.

The year-end performance has become a tradition that has grown in love with politicians and Western Australia alike, after his debut single topped the news in 2017.

He sang his colleagues and those in the public gallery Thursday for the last scheduled sitting day, after a busy year of issues related to COVID-19.

“I was amazed at going to the supermart and grabbing a lonely shopping cart, but hoarders have cleaned the shelves before,” sang.

“In the third and fourth lanes, there was no small lap at all – the world has gone making you sure Hallelujah.

David Templeman, Western Australia

World News – African Union – MP watched another year out of Parliament with a unique version of « Hallelujah »
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