World news – An Irish author shortlisted the Dublin Literary Award for 100,000 euros


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The names of the selected titles were announced today by Dublin City Council. The award is the world’s most valuable annual award for a single work of fiction.

This is the 26th year of the prestigious award, in which the overall winner receives € 100,000. When the book is translated, the author will receive € 75,000 and the translator € 25,000.

What makes the award even more interesting is that the nominations are selected by librarians and readers from libraries around the world.

This year’s shortlist includes a novel in translation, a debut in English and a first-time novelist. The authors are three women and three men from Ireland, Mexico, Great Britain and the USA.

The winner of this year’s Dublin Literary Award will be announced by its Patron Lord
Mayor Hazel Chu on Thursday May 20th as part of the opening program of the Dublin International Literature Festival (ILFDublin), also funded by Dublin City Council.

Chu said: Literature always has one goal, namely the human condition to explore and teach us something new about others and ourselves. These are powerful and timely stories set in both familiar and unfamiliar countries and cultures. I urge everyone to read as many of these thought-provoking books as possible. “

The international jury to select the winner will be composed of Jan Carson, a Belfast based writer and community arts facilitator. David James Karashima, author, translator, and associate professor of creative writing at Waseda University in Tokyo; Born in Lebanon, Dr. Rita Sakr, who lectures on postcolonial and global literature at Maynooth University; Dr. Martín Veiga, a Cork-based Galician poet, translator, and academic who lectures in Hispanic Studies at University College Cork; and Enda Wyley, an Irish poet, author, and teacher who has published six collections of poetry.

The non-voting chairman is Professor Chris Morash, the Seamus Heaney Professor of Irish Writing at Trinity College Dublin.

To accompany this year’s award, there will also be a podcast series in association with the ILF, by Maeve Higgins, the best-selling Irish writer, Comedian, podcaster and writer for the New York Times, and Jessica Traynor, Irish writer, dramaturge and writer, will host creative writing teacher.

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Maeve Higgins and Jessica Traynor will induct the listeners into the selected novels and speak exclusively to the writers and translators who will compete for the prize.

Would you like the shortlisted (and long list) books ) get your hands on? They can be borrowed by readers in Dublin’s public libraries and public libraries across Ireland when the libraries reopen.

But don’t worry – during the level 5 COVID-19 restrictions, you may be able to use some of the longlisted titles Borrow as eBooks and eAudiobooks in the free Borrowbox app, which is available to all users of public libraries.

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