World news – Anger breaks over disparities in N.C.A.A. Tournaments


Officials apologized for providing inadequate facilities for female players, but women later confirmed they are also getting cheaper, less sensitive Covid-19 tests.

Given the outrage and allegations that the men’s basketball players more than the athletes in next week’s women’s tournament, the NCAA Apologized Friday for the huge differences in training facilities at his marquee championship events.

Later that day, NCAA president Mark Emmert recognized an additional startling difference between the men’s and women’s tournaments: his methods of testing coronavirus for athletes and others in the « controlled environments » of tournaments.

The method used at the Indiana men’s event is known as the polymerase chain reaction test, or PCR test, and is considered the gold standard for virus testing. It is highly sensitive and almost always detects positive cases. The method for the Texas women’s tournament is a rapid antigen test, which is cheaper and gives faster results – but is much less sensitive and false negatives are much more common.

« We have full confidence in all of the medical protocols that have been put together « said Emmert, adding that the NCAA used national and local medical advisors to formulate plans for the events. « All health professionals say the protocol they are currently using at all of our venues and championships makes no difference to our ability to reduce risk. »

The controversy surrounding the women’s tournament erupted this week with complaints about unequal facilities out. The men’s tournament’s players benefited from a huge, well-stocked complex in downtown Indianapolis. But the stars of the women’s game, who will be playing their tournament in Texas starting Sunday, only had a few sub-par amenities and equipment left.

In the face of an uproar on Friday, Dan Gavitt, vice president of basketball at NCAA, apologized for the fact he « dropped the ball, frankly ».

Similarly, said Lynn Holzman, who played in the state of Kansas and is vice president of women’s basketball at NCAA rise, on Friday that the organizers « came up short ». Her voice was sometimes caught during videoconferencing with reporters and she admitted the episode was a « flaw. » « My experience has been that you don’t have the same thing, » she said, adding that Future discussions about what happened in Texas would have an « accountability aspect. » « If it’s personal, it’s as real as it gets, » she said. « It hurts. And when people are passionate about something – in this case women’s basketball – our fans, our student-athletes who play this game, it’s our responsibility to give them a great championship experience that they can be proud of . « 

Although the NCAA has been under serious strain in the past year and is making so much money on the men’s tournament that keeping everyone equal shouldn’t be a financial problem. The men’s tournament is the crown jewel for the NCAA, the will draw more than $ 850 million in television rights this year alone, compared to just part of a multi-sport broadcast deal worth nearly $ 42 million this fiscal year.

Am Thursday the NCAA had published an online statement from Holzman, partially addressing the lack of space in the weight rooms for women on the P shortage of vacancies in San Antonio. She was briefly called for that excuse.

Second year Sedona Prince, Oregon’s sophomore, posted a video showing an abundance of rooms in which the women hang out and exercise. A large area adjacent to the women’s practice area is not in use.

« If you are not upset about this problem, you are a part of it, » said Prince.

The N.C.A.A.’s apologies. came after an onslaught of online criticism. Ali Kershner, a sports performance coach at Stanford, posted on Thursday pictures of a cavernous weight room set up at the men’s tournament, where teams will live under strict restrictions, and the sparse facilities at the women’s tournament.

Despite every competition with at least Sixty-four teams gave the men exercise equipment such as dumbbells, barbells and squats arranged in what appeared to be a hotel ballroom, while the women only received a barbell rack no heavier than 30 pounds.

« Women want and deserve the same opportunities « wrote Kershner in her online post. « In a year marked by the struggle for equality, this is a chance to have a conversation and get better. » Prince also posted a video showing dinner at the women’s tournament and opening a plastic container, in which mashed potatoes, a moist trio of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots can be seen. She added, « Everyone says this is Salisbury Steak? »

In comparison, the men’s tournament featured a smorgasbord with “delicate filet”, lobster macaroni and cheese, and grilled asparagus. This comes from a Twitter post by Alan Bishop, the director of sport for men’s basketball at the University of Houston. After listing a few items on the menu, he said, « That’s not bad !!! »

This year, some student athletes have already used the tournaments to address their complaints at the N.C.A.A. in terms of how players can benefit from their fame. Earlier this week, players began tweeting with the hashtag #NotNCAAProperty to protest the association’s rules. Although much of this disagreement has publicly focused on the men’s tournament, it had also surfaced in the women’s competition.

Donna A. Lopiano, who was Texas director of women’s athletics for nearly two decades and is now president of the Drake Group, a nonprofit An organization that seeks changes in university sports said in an interview that it was surprised, but not surprised, that the women were treated so differently at their tournament.

« I can’t say enough about how much of you MO it’s for the NCAA to create the semblance of decency in everything they do, « she said, suggesting that women in college sports have long been viewed as an afterthought compared to men.

Before Apologies from the NCAA, the top administrators were openly frustrated. Ross Bjork, the sports director of Texas A&M, the number 2 in the women’s tournament, said on Don nerstagabend on Twitter: « That is initially unacceptable. »

But despite all the indignation, the N.C.A.A. still had a few prominent supporters, including Jody Conradt, longtime basketball coach for the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame. In an interview, Conradt suggested that she would be willing to give tournament organizers some leeway as conducting the competition during a pandemic is challenging.

« We want everything to be perfect, and we really have Fought hard to ensure that women are equal, recognized and credible, « said Conradt. « But I don’t think you can discount these last 12 months. »

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