World news – Anti-Vax protesters take to the streets

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Another spate of protesters are planning to take to the streets of Melbourne on Saturday afternoon to crack down on the nationwide rollout of coronavirus vaccines.

The « Million March Against Compulsory COVID Vaccinations » is one of eleven places across the country where vaccination protesters protest against what organizers have called « medical coercion ».

The march is scheduled to begin at noon in Fawkner Park in South Yarra. A number of speakers plan to address the crowd before marching through the park.

Participants were encouraged to bring, among other things, megaphones, drums, and whistles to use while walking in the park.

Melbourne Freedom Rally organizers have released unsubstantiated claims that any health agency-approved coronavirus vaccine could affect fertility and that there is no data to show its effectiveness across multiple age groups.

However, the Toxic Goods Administration is running quality controls on each batch of the vaccine after the first batches arrive in Australia on Monday.

The country’s national vaccine rollout is scheduled to begin on Monday. Several hubs across Victoria are poised to deliver initial bursts to high risk workers and geriatric carers.


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