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G-Jared Butler, Jr. . 6’3, 195:16. 0 ppg, 3. 2 rpg, 3. 1 apg, 42. 1% FG, 38. 1% 3pt, 77. 5% FT

It all starts with Butler, a preseason All-American who could easily be the best player the Huskies face all season. In the conference game last year he was 1. in the Big 12 in usage rate and its shooting dropped a little over the season. But he’s an incredibly well rounded player who can shoot the ball, play for others and protect 1 and 2 in defense. Last year he had 18 points in the 4/6-3 point shootout against Washington so you can be sure that he is absolutely the best player on the Huskies scouting report.

G-MaCio Teague, Sr.. . 6’4, 195: 13. 9 ppg, 4. 6 rpg, 1. 9 apg, 40. 0% FG, 35. 5% 3pt, 84. 8% FT

Teague was Butler’s other double-digit goalscorer a year ago after joining from UNC Asheville. He was a 45% 3 point shooter in Asheville, so his numbers dropped a bit when he moved to the Big 12. However, he could still set fire to the Dawgs if they are unable to stay on his hip. Teague was only 1/6 from the deep against Washington a year ago, but was still in the game with 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

G-Davion Mitchell, Jr. . 6’2, 205: 9. 9 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 3. 8 apg, 40. 9% FG, 32. 4% 3pt, 66. 3% FT

Mitchell is the final piece in Baylor’s amazing 3-guard set. He handled the ball pretty well after moving from Auburn and is much more of a threat as a driver than as a shooter. On the defensive, however, Mitchell really makes his mark and will generally protect the other team’s best ball handler. He was at least partially responsible for Quade Green’s battles against Baylor a year ago and you can be sure that he will begin this matchup today.

G-Adam Flagler, well. 6’3, 180:15. 9 ppg, 3. 5 rpg, 1. 9 apg, 43. 4% FG, 38. 2% 3pt, 83. 5% FT

The Bears have had a lot of success with transfers lately and they really hope that Flagler will be next. After joining from Presbyterian, he campaigned for the transfer rules last year but was the Big South Freshman of the Year after scoring over 100 3-point points during the season. We’ll see how much variety it can offer, but at least it should be a competent option as a zone buster for Baylor.

G-L. J Cryer, Fr. . 6’1, 185:15. 9 ppg, 3. 5 rpg, 1. 9 apg, 43. 4% FG, 38. 2% 3pt, 83. 5% FT

Cryer was the senior member of Baylor’s 2020 Recruiting Class, but it was believed that given Baylor’s absurd guard talent, the season could be hard to come by. Well that might not be the case. He knocked down 5 three points and the 7th. Minute played a draw so that he can undoubtedly see the court against the huskies.

F-Flo Thamba, Jr. . 6’10, 245: 2. 3 ppg, 2. 2 rpg, 0. 7 bpg, 48. 1% FG, 56. 7% FT

Thamba didn’t see much of the court as a backup center last year, but with the graduation of Freddie Gillespie, he appears to be getting on the starting grid. There isn’t a lot of offensive sophistication here and Thamba is more of your traditional defensive shot blocker that you hope can catch lob dunks near the edge. He was a good shot blocker, but incredibly lazy last year. Hopefully the Dawgs can limit his playing time by getting him to bite the hoop for fake gunshots.

F-Mark Vital, Jr. . 6’5, 230: 6. 1 ppg, 6. 2 rpg, 1. 8 apg, 45. 9% FG, 11. 8% 3pt, 41. 8% FT

Vital’s name also describes his importance to this Baylor team. He is Draymond Green of a poor man as an undersized, versatile defender who doesn’t stand in the way of an offensive game. And just like with Draymond Green, Baylor Vital play in the middle when they want to be the most dangerous. Last year, he was in the top 60 nationwide for both offensive rebound rate and steal rate, making it an incredibly versatile glue. Last year, he fought Washington’s length with 8 points on 3/10 and 3 rebounds in 23 minutes.

F-Matthew Mayer, Jr. . 6’9, 225: 4. 8 ppg, 1. 9 rpg, 0. 8 apg, 42. 2% FG, 37. 8% 3pt, 69. 0% FT

Baylor hopes Mayer breaks out this year as the guy who has the prototype tools to be a 6-8 little NBA striker who can fend off perimeter shots. He hit double digits five times last year despite never playing more than 20 minutes per game for Mayer to get hot. Last year he only played 2 minutes against Washington and committed 2 personal fouls.

F- Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua, well. 6’8, 245: 3. 4 ppg, 3. 5 rpg, 0. 7 bpg, 47. 5% FG, 68. 2% FT

Husky soccer recruiting fans are obsessed with a local JTT, but Baylor has one of their own. Your version was adopted by UNLV and was on a red shirt last year. As a newcomer, he didn’t play a ton there, but achieved a solid offensive rebound in a limited time and blocked the number of shots, which is what Baylor wants most of the over-athletic force to move forward.

There is no sugar coating. Last year the Huskies managed to pull the surprise against Baylor from there in an unfortunately steady downward spiral. This year it would take an even more monumental effort.

Baylor is returning its top three goalscorers from a team that, in the worst case scenario, would have received a 2-seed in the NCAA tournament if the event had happened. The Huskies will do without their top three goal scorers following the departure drafts of Isaiah Stewart and Jaden McDaniels and the suspension of Nahziah Carter. And it definitely looks like Baylor scored a staggering 112 points in the 15/27 three-point shootout against Louisiana yesterday.

If you’re looking for good news, Baylor doesn’t seem ready to take advantage of Washington’s lack of interior depth. Anyone in the rotation is not expected to be taller than 6’10, and most of their greats have a body type closer to that of Hameir Wright. Nate Roberts and Hameir Wright are unlikely to be worn down by a parade of giants who will get them into bad trouble.

Even without a lot of height you can expect Baylor to do well on the offensive glass. First, it’s a natural weakness of zone defense regardless of staff. In addition, Baylor is one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the country year after year, regardless of staff. Coach Scott Drew (who won’t be the coaching in the game after testing positive for COVID-19 last week) emphasizes that he’s always looking for minor setbacks to shatter the glass. If the huskies are to win, they must be able to use the aggressiveness and attack in transition to keep Baylor off balance.

This is our first chance to see a Mike Hopkins Washington crime that is not about feeding a transcendent post-up gamer. The Huskies tried to give more shots to this team with J’Raan Brooks, Erik Stevenson and Cole Bajema. It’s not crazy to say that all but the Nate Roberts and Riley Sorn centers have the potential to shoot 35% from the depths over the course of a season. Regardless of how Hop arranges the rotations in this game, the Huskies have to catch fire and probably shoot 45-50% from 3 point range to get a shot that pulls the surprise.

If Washington can keep this game competitive at all, it can be seen as a moral victory. This will almost certainly be the toughest opponent the Huskies play against all season, unless Oregon far exceeds Baylor’s expectations and Baylor does nowhere near pre-season expectations. And to top it off, they had less than a week to prepare and no chance of having a tuning game, whether exhibition or regular season. Even so, there was a chance we would have to wait another 5 days to see the Dawgs play. So let’s be grateful for what we get. And it’s not like Washington under Mike Hopkins has never had a surprise over a 2nd place team before. . .

Stay tuned to the game in the comments below. You can also follow me for all of your UW basketball news and game updates for men at @UWDP_maxvroom

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World News – AU – # 2 Baylor Bears vs.. . Washington Huskies: Game Preview & How to Watch
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