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In this compact season of the NBA, the moves and news are coming in fast and furious. Trades, venture capital (we’re looking at you Thunder and Pelicans), contract extensions. We actually saw Chris Paul, Junior Holiday and Dennis Schroeder on the go. Is James Harden next? You name it, it happens. Follow our awesome team of reporters, reporters and insiders all out of season for the latest news and rumors.

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Shams Sharana: Warriors star Clay Thompson today injured his lower leg and is undergoing tests to determine the severity, sources told The Athletic, the stadium.

Charania: Sources said Clay Thompson was unable to load any weight on his lower leg injury when he left the gym today. Everyone hopes for the best.

The Philadelphia 76ers agreed to swap Al Horford for the Oklahoma City Thunder for Danny Green, a source told The Athletic, confirming ESPN’s initial report. Oklahoma City will also receive a pick for the first and second rounds of the Green traded in Thunder from the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this week..

Rich Hoffman: Choose protection from Sixers to OKC in the Al Horford-Danny Green trade, for each source:
– 2025: Protected 1-6
– If not, then 2026 and 2027 are protected 1-4
– If nothing is moved (and I think we’re doing the process anew, I think) it will become an option in the second round of 2027

Eric Horn: Thunder tried to retake Al Horford in 2016 to strengthen the team around Kevin Durant, but Horford signed with the Celtics after he could not get assurances that KD would be present.

Sam Ameek: As it stands, source says Bogdan’s scenario to Milwaukee is far from the table in his view.. Bucks was hoping he could save her, but all signs point to him eventually heading somewhere else.

Bogdanovi never agreed to join the PAX group, and that became a major problem, sources told your mom.. A senior team official told Amec that the deal has problems and the outcome is unclear. On Monday, the Bucks agreed to swap New Orleans Pelicans Junior Holidays goalkeeper and sign and swap with Bogdanovi to boost their list of two-time best player Giannis Antetokounmo. . Milwaukee is set to send in Donte DiVincenzo, Ersan Ilyasova, and D.. J. Wilson of Kings versus Bogdanovich.

Sam Amik: Sources tell The Athletic the Bucks-Kings to sign and negotiate which FA was expected to send tied Bogdan Bogdanovich to Milwaukee in exchange for Donte DiVincenzo, D. J. Wilson and Arsan Ilyasova are in danger, as there was no agreement from the 28-year-old striker to join the Bucks and this element became a huge problem.. A senior team official said the deal had problems and the outcome is unclear.

Josh Robbins: Breaking, according to NBA source: The Magic agreed to trade his pick in the second round (45th overall) in tonight’s draft to Milwaukee Bucks in two future picks in the second round.

Seth Partnow: The second round picks are very helpful for a team against the maximum because it allows a place on the list to be filled with less than the minimum veteran salary, so the bucks earn that choice for the man who will likely be on their list next year.

than not. 3? Okongwu Medical and Celtics Commercial Plot: While the top three picks are still generally assumed to be, in some order, LaMelo Ball, James Wiseman and Anthony Edwards, the mystery begins after this.

How to understand Knicks trading so as not to. 23 And why bigger moves might come: Nicks didn’t wait to make a move on Draft Day. They traded not. 27 and no. 38 picks Wednesday morning to Utah to turn down. 23 Select and rights Ante Tomi. The deal makes the Knicks more aggressive in Draft Wednesday night.

By merging their last picks into one, the Knicks offered themselves a number of options, not least of which was the increased ability to trade higher in the lottery, something the Knicks believed to be betting.

The first point that needs to be addressed is the notion that there are « NBA-ready » players available for selection. Especially after the first few selections of most drafts, very few players were able to offer competent minutes let alone help. Looking back at the 2000-2017 introductory seasons (ignoring the last few seasons to coincide with the next few pieces of analysis), less than 1 in 3 draft picks played at least 500 minutes with Player Impact Plus / Minus (“PIPM”) of -2 at least. 0/100 property – value already used as an approximation to ‘Replacement value. « Even if we only look at those players who have already appeared in a game to eliminate injured players or hide outside, only 35 percent of the draft selections reach this minimum level of proficiency. ».

Sam Vecenie’s Fake NBA Draft, Live Updates: Anthony Edwards Now No. 1, LaMelo ball down to No.. 3

Sources tell The Athletic that the wolves have yet to make a decision about what to do at No.. 1. The players in the mix here are Lamilo Ball and Anthony Edwards if they keep choosing. James Wiseman looks less likely as the team is concerned about the pairing with Carl Anthony Townes. Over the past 24 hours, the tide has shifted a bit to where I think Edwards’ likelihood is slightly greater than the ball. Basically, the conversations boil down to this: Are they taking the better fit guy on this list at Edwards, who can clearly slip into the two guards’ shoes? Or are they taking the ball, who might have a more positive direction? One thing worth noting: This front desk led by Gerson Rosas will totally look at the idea of ​​the player they think will better hold the value of the trade going forward while developing this list around Towns and D’Angelo Russell..

Shams Sharania: The Rockets and Wizards discussed a deal centered around Russell Westbrook for John Wall, sources report TheAthleticNBAStadium. There is no momentum yet, and the missiles are seeking more assets.

Kelly Eko and David Eldridge: Beyond Counseling: Why James Harden and the Rockets About to Divorce

The Rockets don’t want to swap Harden. It was the best thing that happened to the franchise for a very long time. But that is no longer the same as insisting not trading it at all.

The team knows just how much Harden wants to leave now. It would take a big bundle and an influencer. But there is a combination that will get them to agree. Although that’s the position Houston has taken for years, sources tell The Athletic, previous inquiries about the former best player in past seasons have been overlooked, as Houston has not been relishing the idea of ​​transferring the best player in the 2018 League.. .

Shams Al Sharia: NBA teams will be able to start group training sessions in December. 4 or 6, depending on the players’ arrival path.

The Milwaukee Bucks reconfigured their list of two-time best player Giannis Antitkunembo Monday night, and agreed to replace New Orleans Pelicans Jr. Holiday goalkeeper, sources told Shams Sharania Sports. . Bucks will send Eric Bledso and George Hill, three first-round picks and two future swaps to New Orleans, sources told Sharania..

Later on Monday, the Bucks agreed to sign and barter for Sacramento Kings goalkeeper Bogdan Bogdanovich, ESPN reported for the first time.. . Milwaukee will send Donte DiVincenzo, Ersan Illyasova, and D.. . J. Wilson of Kings versus Bogdanovich.

• John Hollinger: Bucks did what he had to do for Giannis, but the road is still bumpy.
• Sam Ameek: Bucks brought up their Giannis plan
• Will Guillory: The Jrue Holiday Merchandise allows Pelicans to take advantage of player empowerment again
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Jason Jones: Bogdanovich’s commercial reaction: Kings try not to repeat the mistakes of the past

Oklahoma City Thunder substituted Chris Paul for Phoenix Suns for four players and picked out a first-round draft on Monday.. Suns Ricky Rubio, Kelly Uber, Ty Jerome, Galen Licket and 2022 first-round pick to Oklahoma City. Selections from the first round are protected from the first 12 choices in 2022, the first 10 choices in 2023, and the first eight choices in 2024 and unprotected in 2025.

• John Hollinger: Reconstructing the Suns with Chris Paul. Is the timing right?
Eric Horn: Chris Paul’s commercial reaction: His legacy in Oklahoma City will not be forgotten
Zach Harper: Chris Paul, who is traded by Thunder, will join Devin Booker on the Suns: Trade Grades

The Houston Rockets have agreed to sign veteran striker Robert Covington to the Portland Trail Blazers, Athletic reported Monday night, ESPN reported for the first time.. . The missiles will get Trevor Ariza, No.. 16 overall choices in the NBA draft on Wednesday, and the first round pick in 2021, a source told Athletic Kelly Eco.

• John Hollinger: NBA deals and dealings 2020: The Blazers ’plan is clear, unlike the Rockets or the Bulls
Zach Harper: Robert Covington Trade from Rockets to Blazers for Trevor Ariza, choose: Trade Grades

From John Hollinger: At first, I was very amazed Detroit was replacing Bruce Brown with The Nets for Dzanan Musa, cash and 2021 second round. The more I study it, the more I’ve come to love it well in Detroit, even without much of the stock draft return. The second round pick is from Toronto, which means it’s likely in the 1950s. The hit rate for these shots is around 10% of the backspin shot.

• Alex Schaeffer: Who is Bruce Brown guarding the net?
James Edwards III: In Bruce Brown’s trading, Troy Weaver explains that he will build the pistons his way.

The Los Angeles Lakers have entered into an agreement in principle to acquire Oklahoma City thunder keeper Dennis Schroeder, sources report to The Athletic’s Shams Sharania.. The Lakers will not send it. 28 selection in the NBA draft on Wednesday to Thunder as part of the deal, sources said. Goalkeeper Danny Green is being discussed as the player going to Oklahoma City in return.

• John Hollinger: The Lakers needed Dennis Schroeder, but allowed Thunder to take advantage of Danny Green
Anthony Slater: What will Schroeder bring to the Lakers?
Eric Horn: After Dennis Schroeder trades, what’s next for Thunder?
• Zak Harper: Lakers to trade with Danny Green and LA. Choice 28 by Dennis Schröder: Trade scores

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World News – AU – 2020 NBA Trade and Free-Tracker : Latest news and rumors


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