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These were the stories of Season 16 that were cut short due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. We also find out that Amelia and Link named their son Scout Derek Shepherd Lincoln. Joe and Jackson almost slept together and that was honestly the funnest thing ever.

Michael is also back in shape as Adam and I really love it when he shows up.

Also, Jack bid farewell to Sam and Dean after they became god and bring everyone back to life.

If you are looking for a Quick Watch that gives you the holiday spirit, I recommend checking this out.

Basically, Brett and Gianna responded to a call where a man overdosed and his brother was angry and they had to take him. The brother eventually pointed his gun at Brett, but fled after calling the police.

Yeah, it looks like we’re still making teacher / student relationships on TV because we didn’t learn from Ezra / Arya on Pretty Little Liars.

Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey, Derek Shepherd, Ellen Pompeo, Meredith Gray

World News – African Union – 23 TV moments this week we can’t stop talking about
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