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Mission Pete Evans in I’m a Celebrity. . . Get me out of here! You won’t go ahead after the recent controversy over the famous chef.

Evans apologized for the posts that cost him the deal to publish on Monday, but Network 10 responded to a backlash and confirmed that he would not appear on the show.. .

« Network 10 can confirm that Pete Evans will not appear this season of I’m A Celebrity » Get Me Out of Here! A spokesman said ten.

Evans is believed to be in quarantine to attend the reality show, as filming will begin Tuesday at the new location near Murwilumba in New South Wales..

One of the largest international publishers, Pan Macmillan, cut ties with a former My Kitchen Rules judge and called on library owners to return his books to them.

This came after the COVID conspiracy theorist published a cartoon that appears to include the black sun symbol associated with neo-Nazis and the far right.. .

He wrote: « Sincere apologies to anyone who misinterpreted a previous post of a caterpillar and butterfly talking about a drink, realizing that I was promoting hate. ».

“I look forward to thoroughly studying and researching all the codes that have ever existed before publishing. We hope this symbol (We Hear Love) resonates deeply in everyone’s hearts!  »

Pan Macmillan has published 17 of Evans’ book, but the company announced on Twitter that it was abandoning it.

I usually watch @ Channel10AU #ImACelebrityAU but I won’t support it with Pete Evans. Not wonderful! Not funny. Stupid decision. https: // t. co / hpIb5ALxU2

Pan Macmillan is currently finalizing its contractual relationship with Pete Evans and will therefore not enter into any other publishing agreements moving forward..

Benjamin Norris, former Big Brother winner and Blackbox TV commentator, says Network 10 may attract more controversy by moving forward with Evans on the family-friendly show.

Norris: “Network 10 is in a hot spot because of this huge gamble to cast a controversial name like Pete Evans in I’m a Celeb – especially after their decision to remove KAK and Joe Hildebrand from Studio 10 – which was intended to avoid controversy.. He said.

Julia Morris, one of Celeb’s co-hosts, said on the radio last week that she’d be very cross-eyed if Ten didn’t reach out to Evans to appear on the show..

Pressure was mounting for Network 10 to rethink its decision to include Evans in the cast on I’m a Celebrity.

Twitter users were greatly outraged, and Dr. Dvir Abramovich, Chair of the Anti-Defamation Committee, condemned Evans’ « morally indefensible behavior. ».

Dr. Abramovich said, « We welcome Pan Macmillan’s decision, and we invite Channel 10 to look in their hearts and consider whether this individual should be part of their programs. ». .

« This is not what we are as Australians, and the recent actions of Pete Evans not only send the wrong signal about our nation but also violate our core values ​​of tolerance, diversity and respect. ».  »

Evans’ recent controversy follows a long list of outrageous claims including that COVID-19 is a hoax.

A proud supporter of Donald Trump, he has been vocal against the use of face masks and in April was fined more than $ 25,000 by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for claiming that the «  Bio Charger  » device has magical properties to eradicate the Coronavirus.. .

Others are said to be featured in the new series Who Am I a Celebrity, including former NFL superstar Robert Deberdominico and former actor Tony Byrne.. The show is scheduled to air in January.


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World News – AU – Iâ ???? m a celebrity reveals his decision about Pete Evans
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