World News – AU – After a Twitch resurgence, Rust hits a new all-time record in player count


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Rust is one of the most venerable names in survival games, but it seems the best days for Facepunch’s nudity simulator are still ahead of us. Rust has revived Twitch thanks to an international lineup of well-known streamers, and the new visibility has resulted in a new all-time player peak for the game on Steam.

Rust hit a new high today at 134. 483 players reached, as SteamDB shows. This is not massively higher than previous records – the daily peak values ​​tended to be between 70 in 2020. 000 and 100. 000 and reached 125 in April. 000 – but it’s impressive to see a game that has been around for nearly a decade continues to hit new records.

However, Rust has reached astronomical heights on Twitch, with peaks of well over 1 million viewers. Before last month, these peaks were well below 100. 000. These new number of views are supported by streamers like Shroud and xQc on a new communal server for English speaking audiences. A number of massive Spanish-speaking Twitch streamers have brought in their audiences too.

We just joined the 1 million viewer club on @Twitch! POGGERS in chat! picture. Twitter. com / gJRUS4PjxU

Rust’s updates are also more productive than ever, as the December update brought us a tech tree system and another Biggun will land in a few days.

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Dustin Bailey
Senior news writer

Published: 4. January 2021

As an American, Dustin enjoys being asked to write about soccer and Cockney rhyme slang. In addition to PC games, he is an avid anime and wrestling fan.

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World News – AU – After a Twitch resurgence, Rust hits a new all-time record player count



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