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This year’s Game Award nominations have been revealed and Animal Crossing: New Horizons is on track to bring out Game of the Year.

It’s Doom Eternal, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, Indie Hit Hades, and The Last of Us Part 2.

Animal Crossing, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and Paper Mario: The Origami King were nominated for Best Family Game, New Horizons was also nominated for Best Multiplayer Game and Pokémon Café Mix was selected for Best Mobile Game.

The show will air live on December 10 and you can now vote across all categories on The Game Awards. Do you think Animal Crossing can win the Game of the Year award? Comment below.

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Honestly, since this game is less crowded compared to the new card, it still has nearly 600 hours of fun.. I still occupy my time with it and it’s definitely a game I need this year. Also, it is great that the alternating current and eternal agony intersect again haha ​​

You want Hades to win but Animal Crossing is the most logical on that list, nothing like this has been reaching both gamers and non-players alike in a while.. The Last of Us 2 is an artistic marvel with asymmetric storytelling. Ghost of Tsushima is a great game but it’s just a really nice adventure-action game, despite having heard Sony fans say it’s the next second.. The FF7 version is the FF7 remake. If Animal Crossing wins, it will annoy a lot of « hardcore » players, which is fine, most of them can use a kick to the teeth.

I think he’ll get GotY. If 2020 is a regular year, I think the winner would be TLoU2, Ghost of Tsushima, or Cyberpunk 2077 (if Cyberpunk 2077 is released in the regular year by the deadline) but given the conditions of 2020, Animal Crossing seems more suited to GotY.

Hmmm. I would like Hades to win. Games other than Animal Crossing are not that interesting.

I can already imagine the crashes and rage if ACNH overtook Sony’s first two. 😁

I mean, ACNH was the biggest game of the year. Nothing before or after has come anywhere close. However, knowing people, I think they’d choose TLOU2.

I wouldn’t be surprised if New Horizons won. I am sure a lot of people will vote for this game. Personally, I don’t think it’s better than some of the other running games.

You will have to make a very strong case that another game this year performed better and was received better by more people. I still don’t agree.

Doesn’t look like an IMO GOTY. It sold well. I’m rooting for Doom Eternal and Final Fantasy 7 Remake

I like to cross animals, but it’s not arable material. I’ve played all the other matches and I honestly feel this award is only worthy of The Last Of Us 2. I laughed, cried, excited, thrilled, tearful in the last 30 minutes of the match. I never wanted to lose so badly to the ultimate boss. I never felt emotionally broken and hit by any game after all was over.

I’m a Nintendo man, and always will be – but the last of us 2 is gaming at its best! I want more!

Animals crossing along the road. Excellent end-to-end game design. Truly the crisp and fluffiest UX design I’ve tested in years, every aspect of the game features incredible polish..

I want to say Hades since it’s a bit newer than AC, but ACNH is not only the ultimate video game of 2020, it’s easily in the top 5 media experiences of 2020

Tendogamerxxx It’s okay if any of the nominated games win because they’re all really good.

ACNH came out piecemeal, with the primary content of previous games added after the fact. Free, albeit, unlike SwSh, but that shouldn’t be encouraged either, IMO. Give it to Hades or the Doom Eternal. Version 7 of Remake was heavily crafted, ending with some weird notes (in terms of story and gameplay), and offered Kingdom Hearts-like designs that didn’t belong to it..

It’s rare for a game to get as massive as Animal Crossing, which is important. Hades is a real gem and you’ll get my vote, but ACNH is so special and I can’t imagine it not winning when it’s exactly what the world needs when it needs it..

I can’t believe TLOU 2 made the list. Game characterization and storytelling are among the weakest in recent history due to how much focus the developers have devoted to it and how much critics have praised it..

I remember a recent debate I had with a random member on Steam where he called me for not liking « real » mature games like TLOU 2 when I was praising SOMA storytelling. I can’t help but laugh.

I really enjoyed Animal Crossing (and I definitely wouldn’t be disappointed if it won), but FFVIIR is definitely GotY.

The fact that the P5R – an updated expansion of the game already on PS4 – was nominated for Best RPG (when the original P5 was nominated once before) but not Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, (which is a complete, wide-ranging remodel with music New, completely rebuilt environments are a crime.

This, and all the other exclusive shows on PS getting a lot of nominations, really shows the bias towards Sony.

Not a huge guy at Animal Crossing, but given how well it sold and the cultural impact it made in the era of COVID (you even have congressmen playing it), it definitely should be Game of the Year.

Rooting for Hades. ACNH looks like the game that defined this year but it doesn’t push the envelope the way GoTY should. I can say the same about Sony’s offerings; GoT feels like another AAA public action-adventure game, while TLoU was a technical marvel with a great story.. . . It just felt like a compelling TV script inserted into a video game. I get the impression that Naughty Dog doesn’t understand how to use the video game medium to tell a story that’s unique to video games, and instead borrows what he knows from movies / TV.

Animal Crossing is great and it took 700 hours in it, but I think Hades would be the most deserving winner if only judging by the quality of the game rather than the popularity.

I love Animal Crossing and I’ve played every major game in the series but New Horizons is NOT Game of the Year. Maybe if it launches with all the features that New Leaf has to offer and expands it through updates and adding new features it will get my vote but it still plays with its predecessor..

The Last of Us Part II, Game of the Game of the Year Award, Ghost of Tsushima

World News – AU – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nominated For Game Awards 2020 GOTY


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