World News – AU – Atlantic slave routes may become a memorial to the victims


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New York – Tributes to victims of the transatlantic slave trade can be found in museums and through statues, but a new proposal calls for a memorial that cannot be visited or seen.

A virtual memorial made of ribbons on maps of the Atlantic deep sea floor could honor the estimated 1. 8 million Africans who died at sea during the transoceanic slave trade, said a proposal published in the Journal of Marine Policy this month.

« It would be on a map . . . You can’t visit, ”said Phillip Turner, a science policy advisor who worked on the paper as a PhD student at Duke University in North Carolina. « It’s more about education about the history of the transatlantic slave trade, » he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The slave trade routes would be marked on maps and charts created by the International Seabed Authority (ISA), the UN body that oversees mineral activity on seabeds outside of national jurisdiction.

The proposal comes as the world grapples with the race after George Floyd, an unarmed black American, was killed in police custody in May. His death sparked global protests and sparked a reassessment of the legacy of slavery and racism.

As protesters around the world fell monuments in honor of slave owners, U.S. Confederates and shamed white leaders of the past few decades, their demise opens up a debate over who should rise to take their place.

« The George Floyd tragedy really intensified the discussion, » said Ambassador Michael Kanu, Sierra Leone’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, who co-authored the paper.

« It’s all part of the pursuit of justice, » he said, hoping that the West African nations could bring the proposal to the ISA sometime next year.

The memorial would add a cultural aspect to the economic and environmental considerations prior to the ISA about exploration for deep-sea mining, particularly copper and cobalt, Turner said.

About 40. 000 slave journeys crossed the Atlantic with more than 12. According to the authors, 5 million Africans are in captivity by the early 16th. until late 19th. century. The routes of the slave ships became the burial grounds of those who were thrown overboard, killed themselves, or drowned when the ships sank, the newspaper said.

The memorial would be the first of its kind to honor victims of the slave trade. The underwater wreck of the Titanic, which sank in the Atlantic in 1912, was declared a memorial by the US Congress in 1986.

Well-known land slavery memorials include a wharf in Rio de Janeiro, where an estimated 900. 000 African slaves were shipped, and a 15th century slave trading house. Century in Calabar, Nigeria.

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Published by Arena Holdings and distributed in Financial Mail on the last Thursday of every month except December and January.

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World News – AU – Atlantic slave routes can become a memorial to victims
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