World News – AU – Atletico Madrid 1-0 Getafe: Luis Suarez’s headers see hosts win


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Posted: 20:12 GMT, Dec.. December 2020 | Updated: 20:50 GMT, Jan.. December 2020

A Luis Suarez header put Atletico Madrid in the 500 on Wednesday. Game of coach Diego Simeone a 1-0 home win against Getafe. Atletico Madrid remained at the top of the league and ended the year with an unbeaten home record.

The Uruguayan took a look at a loft pass from Yannick Carrasco to Atletico in the 20th. Minute to bring them into the lead. They took the win to maintain their remarkable record of not conceding a goal to Getafe since Simeone was appointed nine years ago.

Atletico came into play after Kieran Trippier was suspended for 10 weeks for a betting violation and Diego Costa left the club after withdrawing from his contract.

Suarez’s goal meant he now has the best shot on goal of any Atleti player this century.

The absences didn’t seem to bother them, however, and while this was far from their most impressive performance of the season, they always looked under control.

A third league win in a row brought Atletico to 35 points after 14 games, three ahead of second-placed Real Madrid, who played 15 games and will be in Elche later on Wednesday.

Getafe, who fought for a top 4 result in the last two seasons, is 14th with 17 points. Place, two above the relegation zone.

Atletico captain Koke admitted his squad weren’t at their best but praised their performances throughout the year, especially since the coronavirus was out for three months.

« We knew who we were facing a difficult team and we weren’t always precise with our passes, but there are three more points we wanted before the game, » said Koke.

‘We had a spectacular year, after the lockdown we went through a big change and took a step forward in how we play, work and compete day in and day out. ‘

He also paid tribute to the Argentine Simeone, who has changed Atletico’s fate since he succeeded Gregorio Manzano in 2011.

« We should congratulate the coach, it’s been many years since he gave the team a lot of stability and he’s fundamental to our nature, » said Koke.

However, Diego Simeone’s team held on to victory, keeping them at the top of the table

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World news – AU – Atletico Madrid 1-0
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