World News – AU – AU says over 600 million Africans lack electricity despite huge renewable energy potential


The African Union (AU) Commission on Thursday revealed that more than 600 million people across Africa do not have access to electricity despite the continent’s abundance of renewables energy potential

<p), which brings together experts from the geothermal development community, former heads of state and members of geothermal development associations from across Africa, Europe and Asia, aims to boost development nearly 20,000 MW of geothermal energy from Africa

« This has huge impacts on our poverty reduction and human development efforts on the continent, » said at the virtual meeting hosted by the 55-member Pan-African bloc

The AU Commissioner pointed out that Africa has enormous potential in renewable energy, especially in geothermal energy which is a viable energy resource estimated at over 15,000 megawatts in the countries of the East Rift System, on which the continent can take advantage of to improve the production of the energy mix in East Africa

Abou-Zeid also pointed out that the development of geothermal energy « is one of the main areas of intervention of the AU Commission », which she said is the main reason behind the creation of the geothermal risk mitigation mechanism (GRMF) in 2012 by the continental bloc in collaboration with its partners

She underlined that GRMF « has become since its launch in 2012 a benchmark in terms of risk mitigation and financial tool to support the development of geothermal energy in East Africa » ​​

The AU Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy also underlined that the positive impacts of GRMF in terms of the development of the geothermal market in East Africa

She pointed out that the initiative had successfully launched 5 application cycles in which project developers received grants totaling over US $ 117 million to 30 projects with the potential to produce 2,800 megawatts of energy. ‘electricity

According to the AU, the main objective of the ARGeo conference was to promote and support geothermal development in the East African region

The high-level international conference, among others, brought together policy makers, technical experts as well as developers and financiers from international and regional delegates

The conference also provided a platform to explore solutions on how to mitigate the risks associated with resource exploration, reduce development times for geothermal projects, leverage investments to boost the industry growth and efficiently develop, build and operate geothermal energy power plants

During her remarks, the AU Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy called on key stakeholders including implementing beneficiary countries and grants to beneficiary countries, technical partners and institutions international funding, to joint efforts to address both technical challenges and financial deficits in order to unleash the enormous potential and untapped geothermal resources in East Africa

The ARGeo conference is expected to offer recommendations on various issues affecting the development of geothermal energy in East Africa, such as business models, regulatory frameworks to stimulate investment in sustainable energy, he said. – noted

The Regional Geothermal Coordination Unit of the AU Commission in collaboration with UNEP-ARGeo will be responsible for following up on recommendations and communicating with various partners for a successful implementation, it was said. indicated

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World News – AU – AU says over 600 million Africans lack electricity despite huge potential for ‘renewable energy
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