World News – AU – Australia secures 20 million additional Astra Zeneca vaccines


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Based on scientific advice, the Australian government has secured an additional 20 million doses of the promising AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to strengthen Australia’s position for vaccinating the general public.

This means a total delivery of 53. 8 million Astra Zeneca vaccine doses in 2021, covering total population needs.

The additional 20 million doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine will be manufactured by CSL in Australia.

Our advice remains that Australia stay on track to get the first vaccinations in March and to have the entire population completed in 2021.

In addition, an additional 11 million doses of the Novavax vaccine will be purchased, bringing the total for that vaccine to 51 million. This will provide an additional general population vaccine for Australia if it is proven safe and effective.

There is also a sales contract for the Pfizer / BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. 10 million cans are planned for early 2021.

The Australian government is also part of the international COVAX facility, which enables the purchase of over 25 million doses of a number of other potential vaccines.

The vaccine portfolio investment is based on recommendations from the Expert Group on Science and Industry (SITAG), who continuously monitor and evaluate each of the vaccines to ensure that Australia is well prepared for launch at the time of vaccination approvals were granted.

Due to further medical recommendations to the Australian government, the University of Queensland’s research on a possible COVID-19 vaccine, for which clinical studies of the first phase have been conducted, will not move into the third phase.

Assessments are made as part of all clinical trials before the next phase of research begins.

This decision is based on the interaction of the vaccine with a test system and not on the safety or efficacy of the vaccine candidate.

Results from the University of Queensland’s Phase 1 clinical trials show that the vaccine is safe – and that it creates a strong immune response that can neutralize the COVID-19 virus.

More work is needed to resolve the discrepancies that are emerging in test results due to the design of the vaccine.

Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic remains the envy of the world – and we make decisions based on the best medical advice about vaccines in our national interest.

Our government firmly believes that a COVID-19 vaccine is expected to be available to Australians by next March and that we can achieve our goal of having a vaccine available to all Australians who wish to be vaccinated before the end of 2021 to deliver.

The University of Queensland used a molecular clamp vaccine design based on a promising technological platform, and it may be vaccinated against a range of potential viruses.

As part of the vaccine design, the university’s researchers included a small fragment of a protein from the HIV virus known as glycoprotein 41 (gp41). . This was used to create a « molecular clamp » that holds the vaccine’s synthetic virus in place.

Although the university’s researchers confirmed that the protein fragment posed absolutely no health risk to people who took the vaccine, they found a partial antibody response to it in the study participants.

This can interfere with some HIV screening tests that look for these antibodies – resulting in a false positive test result.

This impact on HIV screening – and in the context of the availability of other promising vaccine candidates – prompted the government’s decision. The decision was based on the unanimous advice of SITAG.

It is important to note that pathology tests that directly look for the HIV virus have confirmed negative results for study participants who took the vaccine.

Participants were informed that the protein was part of the vaccine before consenting to participate in the study. HIV screening tests were performed before and after vaccination.

Participants will continue to be monitored to see if the antibody response to the protein is decreasing over time.

The government will continue to support UQ as this new platform offers such a promising breakthrough in vaccination.

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World News – AU – Australia Secures 20 Million Additional Astra Zeneca Vaccines


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