World News – AU – Australian Politics Live: Chinese Embassy Accuses Canberra of Overreacting to Tweet About Afghan Kills


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Embassy official rejects « anger and roar » via tweet; new WA border rules, according to which the quarantine is not on 8. December must start; Paul Fletcher complains to the ABC chairman about the Four Corners program. Follow the latest updates

Struggling to keep up with all of the outbreaks in 2020? Here’s another one to keep an eye out for.

Parliament officials are urgently testing the water supply in the Parliament building after Legionella bacteria were found in at least nine bathrooms throughout the Canberra building.

According to an email received by Guardian Australia from the Internal Department of Parliamentary Services, maintenance workers were sent to nine bathrooms Tuesday to check the water supply after recent tests across the property for « a batch of positive » results Legionella bacteria had been supplied in water from showers and hand basins.

Guardian Australia also spoke to someone who saw the resampling in a bathroom on the House side of the building around 1am. At 30 o’clock today, just before Question Time started.

Legionnaires’ disease can be spread by inhaling droplets of water containing the legionella and the disease can lead to pneumonia, sometimes life-threatening.

Legionella detection follows warnings from NSW’s Department of Health last week to the public to ensure that air conditioning cooling towers are properly maintained to prevent Legionella. This is part of the guidance on managing risk factors associated with seasonal operation of cooling water systems and managing downtime.

Today we released a statement from the Afghan Foreign Ministry that it became aware of a photo and is investigating it.

The Department of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is aware of a photo showing the misconduct of an Australian soldier towards an Afghan and has begun investigations into the case.

The State Department and the Australian Government are working together to investigate the misconduct of Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. The aim of the investigation is to ensure that the perpetrators are identified and brought to justice.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan believes that both Australia and China are important actors in building and maintaining international and regional consensus on peace and development in Afghanistan. Afghanistan hopes to maintain and strengthen cooperation with both countries.

Joel Fitzgibbon asked about Labor’s bipartisan support for the government’s response and then asked what he would do.

It is imperative that we reject the proposal and, at every opportunity, devote all our energies to defending our values ​​and protecting our national interests. However, if you look at China’s response since the Prime Minister’s speech yesterday, you can see it from their perspective. It is mission complete.

He could have been robust in his language. He tested himself by insisting on an apology.

Well, we know that an apology would never come, or at least, PK, anyone with experience in external relations knows that the apology would never come.

So he made us fail the way he reacted to the tweet.

Joel Fitzgibbon is here on both sides of the Chinese dispute as he speaks to Patricia Karvelas on ABC TV

I’m as [appalled] with the Chinese government as anyone. It’s very disappointing. It’s almost without precedent. They must acknowledge that, unlike many countries around the world, we have taken note of the Brereton report and taken appropriate action and that action will continue. As a country, we will ensure that anyone found guilty of illegal activity pays a price for it.

Bringing the two issues into conflict was a huge disappointment, but the real concern here, of course, is the deterioration of the relationship, a relationship ship that has been on a downward trend for at least five years and too many Australians are now we’re paying a price to pay for it in this sector, in the coal mining sector and many others, and we are going to lose a lot of export revenue and a lot of Australian jobs, and it is time the government found a way to fix that relationship.

I agree it was an overreaction. It was probably exactly what the officer was hoping for, and I think the overreaction is best explained by Scott Morrison’s belated realization that he did great harm and Malcolm Turnbull before he did great harm to the relationship and now it begins to really hit the relationship economy.

Therefore, the prime minister is under pressure and when you are under pressure you are prone to overreacting. Now Matt was only admitting that the government hasn’t done everything in the past nearly eight years to diversify our markets. I mean, that’s every government’s day job.

In the face of a China crisis, to say that we should hurry now to diversify our markets is a little too late. We have to do both, of course, but this is our largest trading partner, PK. We need to fix that relationship. The government has to go to all lengths and resources to do this, and yet they are unable to even get into conversation with their counterparts.

Labor will propose a private member bill to parliament to give Australian women access to 10 days of paid vacation for domestic violence. image. Twitter. com / DIT6WgJ4Ck

PMO and Treasurer’s Office will be delighted when it gets released because that means it gets attention for what is all they want, but you need to know where the government is going with all of this.

You’re going to find a very serious statement, complete with green and gold (a friend in advertising once told me that green and gold make us feel warmer and more fuzzy than the flag, mainly because it reminds us of sports and win) branding here.

The Morrison government ignored these families. A Labor government is going to hold a royal veteran suicide commission. It should be independent. And it should be fully funded. The people who served this country in uniform deserve nothing less. image. Twitter. com / vU5d8mfAsQ

One nation says it will not sponsor a royal commission for veteran suicide because it will take two years to make its final recommendations. So you support the government’s national commissioner – who * never * makes his final recommendations. 🤔

Labor will speak out against the Morrison Government’s National Commissioner for Defense and Suicide Prevention in the Senate today following a ruling by the caucus.

When the government introduced legislation for a national commissioner, Labor was skeptical that it was not “bigger and better than a royal commission” as the government claimed.

We supported referring it to an investigation by the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade Committee so that it can be thoroughly examined and veterans and families can speak.

The request was reported back yesterday. It confirmed the concerns of Labor and many people that the national commissioner lacks the independence, scope or resources to ask the really tough questions that only a royal commission can ask.

The overwhelming feedback from filers and witnesses on the investigation was that the scope of the role was too narrow and that Provisional National Commissioner Dr. Bernadette Boss was not sufficiently independent due to her long collaboration with the Australian defense force.

A number of stakeholders have stated that we need a proper investigation by a Royal Commission to investigate systemic problems and propose practical solutions, which could include a body like the National Commissioner.

You may have noticed that there is quite a pause between August and October sessions – about six weeks.

He said he would go full time, but I doubt that is a core promise.

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World News – AU – Australian Politics live: Chinese Embassy accuses Canberra of overreacting to tweet about Afghan killings
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Australian politics live: Chinese embassy accuses Canberra of overreacting to tweet about Afghan killings
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