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Welcome to 9News. com. Au live blog for Thursday 3. December. Boris Johnson warns Britain of major hurdles in introducing vaccines. Josh Frydenberg said Australia will « defend the national interest » when it comes to the country’s economic ties with China. And two people were found dead after their helicopter crashed in NSW last night.

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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has defended the White House’s decision to resume its holiday parties, which, CNN has reported, have already started to violate public health recommendations.

When asked if it was the responsibility of the White House to hold receptions when health officials warn of large gatherings and the imminent massive impact of coronavirus on the US, Ms. McEnany said, « If you can loot businesses, buildings. » burn down, hold protests, you can go to a Christmas party too. You can celebrate the Christmas holidays. « 

« You can do it responsibly, which is why the East Wing has determined that a much smaller guest list will be available, masks will be available, social distancing will be encouraged, hand sanitizing stations among others. But we will be participating in the Christmas party and there will also be a Hanukkah celebration, « she said.

Trump’s White House itself has been the epicenter of at least three COVID-19 outbreaks among staff and allies, and a number of events such as:. B.. Holiday gatherings, are likely to put several hundred more guests, workers, and employees at risk.

Emergency teams on Queensland’s Fraser Island have successfully moved the fire front two kilometers from Kingfisher Bay Resort using air bombers so that staff can stay there overnight.

The Queensland government has now ordered a review of the response to the world heritage island bushfire, which has been burning for more than six weeks.

Tasmania has now seen heavy snowfall, which contrasts with the extreme heat in Queensland and much of the southeast of the country.

The small town of Miena in the central highlands of Tasmania saw a thick snow dust yesterday in the Great Lake region.

Photos posted on Facebook by the Great Lake Hotel show what a winter wonderland looks like – despite the fact that it is December and Australia has just experienced its hottest November in existence.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that the launch of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine will face « immense logistical challenges » after UK regulators approve it.

When first approved by the government of a western country yesterday, the UK announced that it would start submitting Pfizer-BioNTech’s offer within a few days.

Mr Johnson said the government is buying 40 million cans but big hurdles remain before all vulnerable people can get them.

« There are immense logistical challenges. The virus has to be stored at minus 70 degrees, « he said.

« Each person needs two injections three weeks apart. So it will inevitably take a few months before all the weakest are protected. « 

Mr Johnson said that in developing the vaccine, scientists conducted « biological ju jitsu » by putting the virus on its own.

Britain is now preparing for the largest vaccination campaign in national history and is close to what experts warn of a long, dark winter with a surge in coronavirus.

As an extreme year of hurricanes, forest fires and heat waves comes to an end, the head of the United Nations called on world leaders to make 2021 the year mankind ends its « war on nature » and working for a future free of planets – warming carbon pollution.

« The state of the planet is broken, » said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in a speech when the UN was attending a virtual climate summit on December 12th. December in France for the 5th. Prepared for the anniversary of the landmark 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

Guterres saw hope in promises from more than 100 countries that by mid-century they would be releasing no more heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere than trees and technology can remove, along with short-term pollution savings. China and the elected US President Joe Biden have pledged net CO2 emissions.

« I firmly believe that 2021 can be a new kind of leap year – the year of a quantum leap towards carbon neutrality, » said Guterres.

But he said the two UN reports on Wednesday « show how close we are to the climate catastrophe. « 

READ MORE: Climate change is damaging more world heritage sites; Great Barrier Reef and others at « grave threat »

As countries spend trillions of dollars to recover from the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic, Guterres said they need to do so in ways that emphasize clean energy.

Nations should stop funding and subsidizing fossil fuels, he said. And countries must keep their Paris pledge to spend $ 100 billion ($ 135 billion) annually to help poorer countries develop clean energy.

An overheated world wiped out the weather records in 2020 – an extreme year for hurricanes, forest fires, heat waves, floods, droughts and melting ice – the United Nations Weather Agency reported on Jan.. December 2020. (Source: AP)

When Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was asked on A Current Affair last night what the Morrison government was doing to restore Australia’s relationship with China, he said they wanted to sit down respectfully with the country’s leaders.

« We reserve the right to take some of these trade disputes into multilateral forums, » he said.

He also said the government will continue to « defend the national interest » when it comes to Australia’s economic trade relations with China.

« The Chinese government has published a list of 14 complaints that are at the heart of our democracy. We don’t apologize for it, « said Frydenberg. « Expect the national government to defend the national interest. « 

Two people died after a helicopter crashed last night in the southern highlands of New South Wales, about 167 km southwest of Sydney.

Their bodies were found during an overnight search when the emergency services finally had access to the site of the crash after an hour-long mission.

NSW police said in a statement this morning that rescue workers located the construction site around 12 noon. 25 o’clock.

« The bodies of two people were near the wreck, » the statement said. « You have not been officially identified. « 

The base of an ambulance search for a helicopter crash near Marulan, NSW. (Source: 9News)

Welcome to 9News’ ongoing online coverage of the latest news in Australia for Thursday March 3rd. December 2020.

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