. World News – AU – Australia’s national anthem has been changed to reflect « Stories of the Many Peoples of the First Nations ».


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The lyrics of the Australian national anthem will be changed to recognize the Aboriginal islanders and Torres Strait.

The Australian national anthem, Advance Australia Fair, is being changed to better reflect Australia’s indigenous and multicultural history, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

The opening line « Because we are young and free » is changed and the word « young » is replaced by « one ». .

Mr Morrison said the change was appropriate on several levels to capture the spirit of Australians while paying tribute to Aboriginal and migrant stories.

« It reaffirms our determination as one of the oldest democracies in the world, while also recognizing the foundations on which our nation was built and the aspirations we share for the future, » he said.

The change to replace the word « young » with « one » was one of the ideas originally proposed by an Australian committee to change the text of the anthem « Recognition in Hymn », which Peter Vickery also used , the author of the new second and third verses of the Advance Australia Fair II.

« I think it is time to acknowledge the tens of thousands of years of First Nations on this continent, » she said in an interview on ABC television. « Unity is so important. « 

In a year marked by bushfires and pandemic, Morrison said the response from Australians has been remarkable.

« Last year we again demonstrated the indomitable spirit of the Australians and the combined efforts that have always enabled us to assert ourselves as a nation. It is time to make sure that this great unity is better reflected in our national anthem. « 

He said the anthem’s change also reflected Australia’s indigenous heritage, which is the oldest cohesive culture of Indigenous Australians dating from 65. 000 years ago.

« While Australia is relatively young as a modern nation, our country’s history is ancient, as is the stories of the many First Nations people whose responsibilities we rightly recognize and respect, » said Morrison.

Nearly half of Australians were either born abroad or had one or both parents born abroad, according to the 2016 census.

« It recognizes the distance we have come as a nation. It is recognized that our national history stems from more than 300 national ancestors and language groups, and we are the most successful multicultural nation in the world. « 

Advance Australia Fair replaced God Save the Queen as the Australian national anthem after a referendum in 1984.

Prior to the last change, the words of the Advance Australia Fair have been changed three times since they were written by Scottish Anglophile Peter Dodds McCormick in 1878.

Mr. McCormick changed the texts twice in his life: 1901, the year of the Federation; and then again in 1914 during World War I.. The revised sentences read « Australia’s sons make us happy » and « Britannia rules the wave ».

The anthem was drastically revised before the new version was approved in 1984.

Australian Indigenous Minister Ken Wyatt said it was important to have a conversation about finding texts that resonate with all Australians.

« We [Australia] have a remarkable 65 history in this country. 000 years. Everyone should be proud of it and that is what anthems and flags help us. « 

One Nation Party leader Pauline Hanson said she did not oppose the move.

« When I called the One Nation party, I think we should be one nation like all Australians, regardless of race, color or creed, regardless of whether you are a migrant who came to this nation.

« I have no problem changing the wording to » One « if that will unite our nation. « 

The change comes after the Wallabies were commended for performing the first common language version of the national anthem at an international event.

In early December, the team sang the national anthem in the Eora language and then in English before the Tri-Nations rugby match against Argentina in early December.

Wiradjuri woman Olivia Fox played the anthem, then told SBS World News that she was « overwhelmed with pride » to attend the historic event.

The Australians are all happy because we are one and free. We have golden soil and wealth for work. Our home is surrounded by the sea. Our country is rich in natural gifts. Of beauty, rich and rare. On the side of history every stage of Advance Australia Fair. Then, with an effort of joy, let’s sing the Advance Australia Fair.

Under our shining Southern Cross, we will work with hearts and hands to make this Commonwealth of ours a known land. For those who have come across the seas. We have limitless levels to share. With courage let’s All Combine To Advance Australia Fair. Then, with an effort of joy, let’s sing the Advance Australia Fair.

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World News – AU – Australia’s national anthem has been changed to reflect « Stories of the Many First Nations ».

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