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When asked what Thompson would think if Disney decided to give their animated films’ dark-hearted cousin the live-action remake treatment, she wasn’t thrilled with the idea.

The screenwriter of the legendary film « The Nightmare Before Christmas » Caroline Thompson definitely doesn’t want a live-action remake of the Halloween Christmas movie.

In an interview with Insider, she said, « Do you really think they’d do this? That would be so horrible, » said Caroline Thompson, who co-wrote the script after another writer left the company
It’s no secret that Disney has had a lot of financial success with the remakes of its classic animated films, including « Beauty & the Beast, » which grossed over $ 1. 2 billion worldwide and « The Lion King » which grossed over $ 1. 6 billion worldwide. « Maleficent » and « The Jungle Book » also raised over $ 750 million and worldwide, respectively. $ 950 million. The Hong Kong government ends Disney’s option to expand the theme park

However, when asked what Thompson would think if Disney decided to give the live-action remake treatment to the dark-hearted cousin of their animated films, she wasn’t thrilled with the idea.

« I hope Tim [Burton] has rights enough that you can’t, » Thompson continued. « It’s unnecessary. That is greedy and stupid. « Disney’s 1997 animated film » Hercules « to get a remake as a live-action film

There have been rumors of a sequel to « The Nightmare Before Christmas » in animated form, but Burton was always quick to close it. However, in February 2019, it was reported that talks were underway for a new « Nightmare » film, but it was not specified whether this would be an animated sequel, spin-off, or live-action remake.

Burton himself has already been involved in three live action remakes of Disney: « Alice in Wonderland » and it is the sequel to « Through the Looking Glass » together with « Dumbo ». « However, none of these films did so well with critics.

There are already a number of Disney live-action remakes, including « Cruella », « The Little Mermaid », « Peter Pan & Wendy », « Hercules », « Pinocchio », « Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ». « Lilo & Stitch » and sequels or spin-offs of existing remakes of « The Lion King », « The Jungle Book » and « Aladdin ». « 

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World News – AU – The author of « The Nightmare Before Christmas » says a Disney live-action remake would be « greedy and dumb ».
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