World News – AU – Baz says sorry for transgender ‘joke’


Newly elected Perth mayor Basil Zempilas has apologized and vowed to do better after getting stuck in hot water following controversial comments he made on -air on gender

Speaking on his breakfast show on Nine-owned radio station 6PR on Wednesday, M Zempilas said genitals determine a person’s sex, during a discussion of Boxing Australia’s decision to bring the gay boxing world championships back to Sydney in 2023

« If you’ve got a penis you’re a dude If you’ve got a vagina you’re a woman Endgame, » he said

When asked how he plans to meet transgender voters in the city of Perth, Mr. Zempilas joked « manipulate the penis? »

The transgender community was outraged by these comments, TransFolk WA President Hunter Gurevich told The West Australian they were ‘disgusting, bigoted and narrow-minded’ and recommended that they take awareness training

M Zempilas, a 7NEWS sports presenter who writes a weekly column for The West Australian, has clearly discouraged Mr. Zempilas, on his radio show this morning to apologize for his comments, saying he was trying to be funny

« (The remarks) do not reflect my values ​​or the values ​​of the networks I work with, » he said

« Part of my job is being an artist – I was trying to be funny, it wasn’t funny and I apologize

Asked 6PR co-host Steve Mills about whether he supports the transgender community, Mr. Zempilas said he did – and didn’t intend to cause them any hardship

« I learned – that I have caused some people significant hardship and again that was not my intention

« I have caused constraint and discomfort to some people and I apologize, I am so sorry for this »

« I had a very strong conversation with my wife last night – the comments do not reflect her values »

Basil Zempilas, Perth, Lord Mayor, Pride Parade

World News – UA – Baz says sorry for transgender ‘joke’


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