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CHICAGO (CBS) – Struggling bears hope for some magic in Music City as they hit the road to Nashville Here are three things to watch as the Bears take on the Tennessee Titans on Sunday

What can the Bears do to slow Derrick Henry down? The Titans beast of a running back leads the NFL with almost 800 rushing yards in just seven games, and he’s improving the season. In his last three games, Henry is averaging 665 yards per carry. look for the Bears linebackers to play close enough to the line of scrimmage for a good part of the day, but even with that it’s going to be a long day for guys like Roquan Smith and Danny Trevathan to try to take down Henry And I hope they won’t make anyone in high school try to do it too often

Nick Foles to get the ball out quickly It’s been a tough season and an even tougher week for the Bears offensive line, as Covid-19 issues piling up on top of injury issues With a lot of inexperience ahead of him , I would expect Nick Foles to try to get his passes through as fast as possible.We saw last week what happens when Foles tries to scramble, so that’s definitely not the answer if the line leaks

Look for the Bears’ defense to stay close like they usually do Yes, I know I said tackling Derrick Henry would be a challenge, but even with him largely wild the teams were able to keep attack on titans under control The Titans have lost 2 in a row and only racked up 22 points per game in those 2 losses This only includes 20 points against a weak Bengals defense The Bears defense should therefore be able to keep the offense in the game again, maybe just enough for the Bears to steal a much needed road victory

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World News – UA – Bears vs Tennessee Titans: three things to watch


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