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WAG is going to Byron Bay after months of backlash in Melbourne – but the move has sparked even more criticism.

WAG and business owner Bec Judd made more than just a few headlines. Love her or hate her, we can’t get enough.

Rebecca Judd has announced that she will be leaving Melbourne after months of backlash over her lavish life in lockdown.

The mother of four, who recently canceled the 3pm pickup on her KIIS FM, announced over the weekend that she was temporarily saying goodbye to Victoria to try « Freedom » in NSW’s Byron Bay over the summer vacation – and the criticism has been quick and tough.

“COVID-19 has taught us that we can do most of our work from anywhere.

“We have a family across the country and the ability to travel within Australia and still work.

The 37-year-old is the youngest celebrity to flock to the hippie beach town, joining the likes of Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy.

AFL WAG Rebecca Judd has announced that after months of backlash at her Melbourne home, she and her family are heading to Byron Bay to campaign for the city to be closed. Image: Instagram / BecJuddSource: Instagram

But while she and her retired AFL player husband Chris Judd don’t go on a trip until Christmas before they get back to their $ 7. 3 million « forever at home » in Brighton, a suburb of Melbourne – some Twitter users believe this is yet another example of the star « when their mansion isn’t enough ».

« Apparently Bec Judd is back on trend. I will just do it . . . suggest that we stop listening to rich people who don’t have enough mansions, ”one person wrote on Twitter on Monday.

« Oh no! Bec Judd leaves Melbourne. I hope she has a little more space now in her « forever home » in Brighton, which was apparently a little too tight. & made them claustrophobic. . . Someone else scoffed.

Chris and Bec Judd are vacationing the New South Wales seaside town before returning to their Brighton villa for Christmas and then exploring Australia in 2021. Image: Instagram / BecJuddSource: Delivered

Meanwhile, some defended the Judds, wishing them a « good time » and asking the internet to « stop piling them up ». .

I hope Bec Judd is having a good time. I don’t know why so many people hate her, what has she ever done to anyone?

Others shared memes in which Melburnians waved. When some speculated that the wild weather in Byron was « Mother Nature » responding to the news right now. One commenter even teased Melbourne’s status as « the world’s most livable city ».

Melbourne has restored its status as the most livable city in the world thanks to the departure of Bec Judd. Thanks Bec!

The brutal setback against Bec Judd began when the coronavirus pandemic first emerged in March and Bec expressed support for lockdown measures and urged followers to download the COVID Safe app and wear a mask.

She even called for parts of the city with virus clusters to be locked down in the early days of the state’s second wave.

But when strict lockdown rules were later imposed on everyone, her support waned, and she used social media to weigh up the situation and slammed « Dictator Dan » for the ongoing Level 4 restrictions.

She was able to work from home and had her own outdoor space during the pandemic – leading critics to label her verbal abuse as « deaf ». . Image: Instagram / BecJuddSource: Instagram

She later wore a t-shirt that said « Free Melbourne » – and as a result, she received a wave of criticism, with many calling her behavior « deaf » considering she was in a huge one The house had hidden others had lower living conditions.

Bec has not yet responded to the recent backlash but said the Herald Sun Byron Bay was only the start of their journey after the borders reopened and said, « We’re going to see Australia. « .

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Rebecca Judd, Melbourne, Byron Bay

World News – AU – Bec Judd leaves Melbourne after a backlash


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