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If you thought that the Biden-Trump clash was mired in controversy, allegations, and tension, and that he divided a nation like any other issue, then you haven’t seen anything yet

We refer, of course, to that annual debate that keeps New Zealand in a vice-like grip during a two-week voting period, and beyond – when the results are analyzed and examined, the victor is questioned, and the entire Democrat casts the system into suspicion

It’s a trivial matter, yeah, but so tell the ardent supporters of the mighty Toruas, the hidden ironing, the endangered strongest, the good old kiwi

The defenders of the hoiho game, which last year staged an amazing late rally to become the first seabird to win the coveted title, told the yellow-eyed bird on a victory tour for a year without pay

Voting ends at 5 pm on Sunday, and soon after there will be a new hero for the New Zealand ornithologist, who will give new meaning to the life of any breed that claims the crown

That is, of course, if we don’t get into the American-style chaos of slow counting and controversy, if we don’t have enthusiastic protesters shouting « Stop counting, » and if not, you refuse to clear the lead on the stage

Indeed, there have been signs of cheating This week contest organizer Forrest & Bird reviewed about 1,500 fraudulent votes cast in Pennsylvania. In the online voting for Spotted Little Kiwi they pushed the pukupuku to the top of the leaderboard, but were later removed

As the campaign enters its final days, we are pleading with all bird lovers to respect the democratic process, and to use their single voice (well, technically five) with appropriate caution and devotion

The competition, which began 15 years ago when tui was the # 1 winner, is attracting worldwide attention

Last year, the BBC eagerly reported on the « anti-social penguin » – hoiho – claiming victory this week. The Guardian covered the issue, highlighting an adult game store’s endorsement of « multiple little bird. » Wives have unusually large genitals, « hihi (Stitchbird)

There are reports on Torua and Kakapo – she won in 2008; This looks like it’s taking out the boomerang out of the race, and oddly enough there have been 15 different winners in 15 years – led early voting

There is no dog in the Otago Daily Times in this fight, if you were to pardon the reference across the species we imagine our readers would be happy if any of our native birds appeared – the torwa, the scallop, the little penguin, the « mighty, majestic, frightening » hawk – On top

In a year that has witnessed many challenges, the Bird of the Year comes as a welcome light relief Let’s enjoy it, whichever bird wins

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