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Baba Vanga, whose real name is Vangelia Gushterova, has been dubbed the « Nostradamus of the Balkans » because of her bizarre predictions that look to the end of the world in the year 5079

A blind clairvoyant’s predictions for 2021 have been revealed after she was known to be Jan.. September and Brexit had predicted, even though she had died years earlier.

Baba Vanga, whose real name is Vangelia Gushterova, has been referred to as the « Nostradamus of the Balkans » because of her bizarre claims.

At the age of 12, she lost her eyesight and claimed that at the same time she realized that she had given her a very rare gift from God to look to the future.

She predicted that the universe would end in 5079 and allegedly uncovered incidents in the years in between, Mirror. co. uk reported.

She knew about the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the attack on Sept.. September 2001, the death of Princess Diana and the Chernobyl disaster and is said to have met 85% of her predictions correctly.

Just before she passed away at the age of 85 in 1996, she said 2021 will be the year a cure for cancer will be found.

Baba Vanga claimed: « At the beginning of the 21st. Century will get rid of cancer.

But things don’t look good for President Donald Trump as he leaves the White House as Baba Vanga said he appears to be suffering from a « mysterious disease ». .

She claimed the 45th. POTUS will contract a « mysterious illness that makes him deaf and causes brain trauma ». .

Your wild predictions also suggest that the European economy will decline, an assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin will be carried out by someone in his own country, and Islamic extremists will orchestrate an attack in Europe.

She is reported to have claimed, “[The extremists] will use an arsenal of chemical weapons against Europeans. « 

It seems that the Bulgarian woman had some funny things to say – she says that when gasoline production stops, “trains with sunlight will“ fly ”.

Your most bizarre prediction, however, is that a dragon will take over the planet in 2021.

The three giants could be Russia, India, and China, and money could be the 100 yuan and 5000 ruble notes, both of which are red.

She also believes that we will have contact with aliens in the next 200 years.

She predicted: « Life in the cosmos is being discovered and suddenly it becomes clear how life on earth first appeared. « She added, » People will connect with their spiritual siblings from other worlds. « .

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World news – AU – The predictions of the blind mystic Baba Vanga for 2021 after he broke Brexit and November 11th. September had foreseen

Ref: https://www.irishmirror.ie

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