World News – AU – Bloody lingerie bar stabbed linked to smoking ban


Police say they are getting closer to two men who were allegedly involved in a bloody and drunken brawl over a smoking ban at a Sydney CBD lingerie bar that left a bartender fighting for life with beatings knife after a « violent » attack

Detectives allege that a group of five men were drinking in the lobby bar at Wynyard Station around 6 p.m. Thursday when a staff member asked them to refrain from smoking in a non-smoking area and a small argument broke out

Acting New South Wales Police Superintendent Paul Dunstan said the feud escalated « extremely quickly and violently » with a scuffle that broke out before a man produced a knife and the « whips » and stabs the 32-year-old employee twice in the back

« The men had been consuming alcohol and when the staff intervened there were beatings and shoving and for unknown reasons the man [allegedly] produced a knife and in a rather aggressive and duplicated motion. rotunda stabbed him twice, « he said « It was an extremely serious incident »

Paramedics treated the 32-year-old bar worker, known for scantily clad waitresses and cheap beer, before he was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital in critical condition Paramedics say he was ‘in a very bad lane’ upon arrival, but has since stabilized in hospital

Another man in his 30s was also rushed to hospital in stable condition with head injuries

« I saw the ambulance go out with someone on a stretcher… It was chaos There was a lot of commotion », said the witness

« The police were trying to control the scene, two officers came in, then two more because they were outnumbered at the start »

The five men left the scene and police found three nearby The trio were arrested and taken to Surry Hills Police Station where a 31-year-old Carlton man was charged with assault and brawling He has been denied bail and will appear before the central local court today

A 29-year-old man from Narwee has been charged with brawl He was granted bail to appear in local Downing Center court on November 26 Third man, 34, from Ridgewood, Western Australia, received a criminal offense notice for abusive language

the police are still looking for two other men, saying in particular they are getting closer to the « main offender », a 19 year old man from West Sydney who left his driver’s license at the scene

Detectives review CCTV footage that captured the man leaving the scene from Wynyard Station

« We strongly encourage this gentleman to come to his local police station, » Deputy Superintendent Dunstan said.

The bar’s licensee, Rob Di Francesco, said: « The incident that took place this evening is currently being investigated by the Sydney City Police Area Command and in order to assist them , we are unable to comment  »

NSW Ambulance Inspector Kay Armstrong said paramedics were preparing for the worst when called to the scene

“There may be more to a stab than it seems at first glance, so it is very worrying whenever we are called upon to incidents like these

« Our paramedics did an exceptional job stabilizing and treating this man who had suffered quite serious injuries »


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World News – AU – Stabbing Bloody Lingerie Bar Tied to Smoking Ban


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