World News – AU – BMRN ALERT: Klein Law Firm Announces Main Complainant Deadline of November 24, 2020 in Class Action Filed on Behalf of BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc Limited Shareholders


New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp – October 29, 2020) – Klein law firm announces that a class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of shareholders of BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ: BMRN) alleging that the company violated federal securities laws

The complaint filed alleges that BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc made materially false and / or misleading statements and / or did not disclose that: (i) the differences between the phase 1/2 and phase 3 studies of valoctocogene roxaparvovec, an experimental gene therapy for adeno-associated viruses, have limited the reliability of the phase 1/2 study to support the durability of the effect of the valoctocogene roxaparvovec; (ii) therefore, it was foreseeable that the US Food and Drug Administration would not approve the biologics license application for valoctocogene roxaparvovec without additional data; and (iii) therefore, the Company’s public statements were materially false and misleading at all material times

Shareholders have until November 24, 2020 to apply to court for principal plaintiff status Your ability to participate in any recovery does not require you to act as principal plaintiff

For more information on the BMRN trial, please contact J Klein, Esq by phone at 212-616-4899 or click on the link above

J Klein, Esq represents investors and participates in stock market disputes involving financial fraud nationwide Lawyer Advertising Past results do not guarantee similar results

« I don’t pay the bills, which got me thinking about staying with him for convenience, but at what cost mentally? »

Former Vice President Biden has a detailed proposal to raise taxes for people with taxable income above $ 400,000, essentially targeting the richest 1% President Trump wants to maintain the tax cuts that took effect in 2018, which have largely benefited high earners

On Wednesday morning, Jim Cramer shared his first look at the markets which included views on potential lockdowns, more layoffs and if there is a buy opportunity on stocksCramer on Lockdowns: During his appearance on « Squawk on the Street », Cramer discussed the potential for lockdowns similar to what Europe has done « There is going to be a call for the lockdown » Cramer doesn’t believe we’ll get a lockdown because our country believes in freedom and won’t shut down completelyInstead, Cramer thinks we’ll have a “stay in place voluntarily” Related Link: European Markets Today: Stocks Hit Lows Due To The Rise fears related to the coronavirus? Purchase opportunity? Markets are expected to open significantly on Wednesday The S&P 500 has an implied 65-point open « If we had a stimulus, we would focus on earnings » Instead, Cramer said we were focusing on rising prices. virus numbers and more layoffs: « Very hard to buy a lot of stock when you see those numbers » Cramer said everyone was scared Some states have adopted their own rules on how to stop the spread of the virus, Cramer said, which could have an impact on how we control the growing number of cases He thinks it’s realistic to do something in terms of stimulus after the election « Buy these stocks tomorrow, not today » Price action: SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (NYSE: SPY) is down 2% in pre-tradeView more from Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga options trades * Oct 28 is the best trading day statistically, launch the best 6 months for S&P 500 * What will happen to the MAGA ETF if Trump lose the presidential election? (C) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga does not provide investment advice All rights reserved

Stanley Druckenmiller reportedly said that a sweep of Democrats in the next election could prove to be a headwind for the stock market for years to come

Japan’s largest automaker said on Wednesday it was adding another 152 million US vehicles to the recall that was first announced in January and covers many models built between July 2017 and September Toyota said that vehicles with a fuel pump may stop working and cause the vehicle to stall, and the vehicle may not be able to be restarted Dealerships will replace the fuel pump with an upgraded version

If Joe Biden wins the 401 (K) plans, there could be a major upheaval – one that could benefit tens of millions of Americans The 401 (K) pension plan has proven to be an extremely retirement benefit popular – and profitable which is supplied by millions of small business owners across the country to their employees If Joe Biden wins, they could suffer a major upheaval – one that could benefit tens of millions of Americans. Until now the rules were pretty straightforward : Employees could contribute a pre-tax amount of their compensation for retirement and employers could match that amount up to a combined total contribution of $ 57,000 per year for those under age 50 Small business owners benefit from these plans because not only can their employees save money for retirement, the more they save, the more owners can save.But 401 (K) plans have a problem: they promote higher income This is because the more an employee earns, the more a deduction can be taken It lowers their taxable income and therefore results in the payment of less taxes So, if a person earns $ 200,000 per year and contributes 10% to a 401 (K) plan, their income would be taxed at $ 180,000 and that’s a big tax savings But if a person only earns $ 40,000 and contributes in the same way (which is harder to do given the cost of living) then their taxable income would be $ 36,000 and the amount of tax savings that she would earn would be much less because of the lower brackets The result is that people with low incomes have less incentive to save for retirement. This is also a problem for small business owners Why? Because the less your employees set aside for retirement, the more likely they are, as they age and stay with your business, to come back to you for extra help when they retire because they don’t. haven’t saved enough You can say sorry and turn them away But – if you’re like a lot of my clients (and I’ve seen this many times) you will probably have to step up somehow with some extra assistance No one wants to be in this situation Biden’s plan would reverse the 401 (K) Instead of allowing contributions to be deducted from income, people would be entitled to a refundable tax credit The plan is not fully defined and the amount of the credit has not yet been determined But let’s assume that is 26% of an employee’s contributions – the most recent figure presented So if that person contributes $ 100 during the year, they will get a $ 26 credit on the taxes she owes If she doesn’t owe that amount, she’ll receive the cash back.If you do the math (and I recommend having your accountant explain this to you), low-income people in lower tax brackets could save more on their taxes under the Biden plan because of this credit than the current pre-tax deduction they are now allowed The opposite would be the case for higher incomes Biden’s proposal is not without its critics « You are deterring these homeowners small businesses to have more of this plan, ”said Brian Graff, CEO of the American Retirement Association, to FOX Business « Not only is this unfair to these small business owners, it will reduce the likelihood that they will provide these benefits to their employees. » And this is especially serious in a difficult time like now. ”> People who work in small businesses are not saving as much as they should for their retirement, but the former vice president thinks the proposal will make things right fairer « The current tax benefits for retirement savings provide high income families with significant tax relief, while providing a limited benefit to low and middle income workers, » he says on his websiteRegardless of who you think, the point is that the current system has a big problem: people who work in small businesses don’t save as much as they should for their retirement and small businesses – which employ over 50%. of workers nationwide – are not doing enough to motivate them Only half of U.S. households have a retirement account, according to Federal Reserve study and new data from the Employment Benefit Research Institute confirms that « nearly half of all employees are concerned about the financial well-being of their household, citing saving for retirement and saving in case of an emergency as the main source of financial stress ”Teresa Ghilarducci, professor of economics at the University of Our -Lady, warns that – despite the many benefits that business owners themselves gain from offering 401 (K) plans – « only 40% of workers were covered by a e retirement at their workplace in 2017 « The problem is not whether the highest paying employees will save enough I am not really worried about them The real problem is that middle and low income families do not think about the future Too many of my clients’ employees ignore their retirement benefitsIt’s possible that if it is proven that Biden’s proposals save them even more on their taxes, they would be encouraged to put more money in. side for the future Given the current status quo, I think his proposal is worth a try

Telecommunications equipment maker Nokia reported third-quarter profit that did not raise any alarms But its stock collapsed Thursday after Nokia slashed its 2020 profit outlook and shifted to a prospect 2021 worse than analysts expected

My question is, can I retire before that and be able to live off my rental income? If you manage your property as « passive » income, you are not contributing to Social Security, which will affect you later when claiming benefits.

Shares of Moderna Inc were up 29% in pre-market trading on Thursday after the company again reminded investors that the Phase 3 clinical trial for its COVID-19 vaccine candidate is fully under the umbrella of the announcement of its third quarter results It also said that it is « actively preparing for the launch » of its COVID-19 vaccine Moderna is a preclinical company, that is, it has not still of authorized or approved product available in the market It is developing several mRNA-based vaccines, including one for the coronavirus The company said its research and development spending nearly tripled to $ 344 million in the third quarter of 2020, mainly due to R&D costs for its investigational COVID-19 vaccine, up from $ 119.6 million in the same quarter a year ago Moderna said it plans to conduct two interim scans for the trial of Advanced stage vaccine Moderna share has gained 2361% so far this year, while S&P 500 is up 12%

As the election climbs, many voters wonder what Biden’s tax plan is Taxes would rise for the rich For others, surprises would include tax cuts

(Bloomberg) – Royal Dutch Shell Plc decided to woo disgruntled investors by increasing its dividend and pledging to grow it steadily, just six months after cutting the payoutAmid a painful year for Big Oil, the Anglo-Dutch energy giant offered investors good news It also reported larger-than-expected third quarter profit, lower net debt and a cash flow. high cash flow, even as most of its divisions continued to be hit by the coronavirusShell’s dividend for the quarter will rise 4% to 1,665 cents per share and rise each year thereafter, the company said in a statement on Thursday.However, after the deep cut announced in April, the payout barely exceeds a third of its 2019 level « The board is confident that we can increase the dividend by 4% this year and with similar percentages in the years to come, » CEO Ben van Beurden said in an interview with Bloomberg TV Shell shows this to be a « compelling investment case, » he said Shares of the company rose 19% to 883 pence from 8:55 a.m. in London, but are still down ‘About 60% this year Shell provided a bright spot amid continued gloom for the oil industry, which suffers from a historic drop in demand after the pandemic ended swathes of the global economy. Italian Eni SpA and Austrian OMV AG lost money in the third quarter, while Repsol SA made a modest profit BP Plc, Shell’s closest peer, recorded a surprise profit, but hardly gave indication that returns to shareholders would improve after cutting its own payment in August While van Beurden has promised steady growth in cash returns, BP has fixed its dividend and said a resumption of buybacks from stock was at least a year awayShell’s adjusted net profit was $ 955 million in the third quarter, down 80% from the same period a year ago, but better than analysts’ highest estimate Profits were impacted by lower oil and liquefied natural gas prices and weak refining, but this was partially offset by lower operating expenses and better marketing margins The company’s other financial measures also offered some reassurance for investors Gearing, a measure of debt to equity, fell to 314% from 327% in the second quarter Net debt fell to $ 73.5 billion, and Shell pledged to further increase distributions to shareholders once that figure hits $ 65 billion Shell has delivered a solid set of results that put the company « back in the spotlight » with investors, said the RBC analyst Biraj Borkhataria in a note(Updates with peer comparison in sixth paragraph) For more articles like this, please visit us at bloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted source of business news © 2020 Bloomberg LP

Telecommunications equipment maker Nokia slashed its full-year profit and margin forecast on Thursday, dropping its shares by 13% as the new Finnish company’s chief executive revised his strategy to win the 5G race Announcing a new strategy in which the company will have four business groups, CEO Pekka Lundmark said Nokia will do everything in its power to take the lead in 5G, where it trails Swedish rival Ericsson and the Chinese group Huawei Nokia has lowered its range of full-year earnings outlook to 002 euros to a midpoint of 023 euros per share, after releasing third quarter results broadly in line with analysts’ expectations

Exxon Mobil Corp on Wednesday held its fourth quarter dividend at 87 cents per share, signaling that 2020 will be the first year since 1982 that the US oil producer has not increased its payout to shareholders The largest US oil producer by volume has been caught off guard by the sharp decline in energy prices and demand this year US prices are down 39% year-to-date and global demand fell due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) to unveil a fully electric Transit van for global markets next monthWhat happened: Company CEO James Farley during the company’s earnings call on Wednesday , called the Transit truck and F-150 “two of the biggest and most bulky utility vehicles in our industry.” The executive said the automaker’s electric transit would be revealed next month, adding that pricing accessible from these vehicles, productivity and capacity would be « convincing » for some Ford customersFarley said electric vehicles were fundamental to “Ford’s future across its lineup.” “By the end of the year, customers will be able to choose from 12 hybrid and fully electric vehicles around the world and there are has a lot more to come, including the development of a full EV ecosystem, ”said Farley Why it’s important: The Dearborn, Mich.-based automaker plans to sell an Electric Transit in Europe by 2021, has reported TechCrunchFord plans to sell an electric version of the cargo vehicle in the North American market from 2022 models onwards.The Transit is part of the automaker’s $ 11 billion investment in electrification through 2022, which is particularly aimed at business customers, noted TechCrunch, “We own the ‘work’ at Ford and these EVs will be truly highly capable work vehicles with unique digital services and live capabilities to improve the productivity and uptime of our important commercial customers, ”said Farley. This month, another Michigan-based automaker, General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) unveiled its electric Hummer, which will be available from next fallAmazonecom, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN), backed by Rivian, delivers 100,000 electric vans to the retail giant, the design of which was revealed by the company led by Jeff Bezos this month Ford reported sales of $ 37 in third quarter $ 5 billion, beating estimates of $ 32 9 billion Earnings per share were $ 0 65, almost double the $ 0 34 profits recorded a year earlier in a similar period Price action: Ford shares traded near 49% higher at $ 8 08 in the after-hours session on Wednesday after closing almost 28% lower at $ 7 70View more from Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga options trades * GM unveils the ‘Supertruck’ ‘EV Hummer, with a range of 350 miles for 2,595 * Nikola CEO downplays Badger’s role, says «  always focused’ ‘on heavy trucks, hydrogen infrastructure: FT (C) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga does does not provide advice on investing ment All rights reserved

A day after Amazon secured an emergency order from the Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC) preventing Future Group from closing its deal to sell its retail business to Reliance Retail Ventures, the two Indian companies said they were on the right track to execute the transaction On October 25, Reliance Retail, owned by India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, said it had entered into an agreement to acquire the assets and business of Future Retail under « proper legal advice and the rights and obligations are fully applicable under Indian lawMeanwhile, in a separate October statement on February 26, billionaire Future Retail led by Kishore Biyani, the company behind brands such as Big Bazaar, Easyday and WH Smith, said Rs24,713 crore (34 billion) « would take place without hindrance and without delay »

Resist the urge to let emotions rule on days like this, says Jim Cramer Instead, direct your money to these stocks

Shares of Royal Dutch Shell climbed Thursday as the big oil company surprised investors with a rise in dividends after beating expectations in the third quarter

Moderna released third quarter results early Thursday which showed revenue up over 800%, but R&D costs tripled as company strives to develop its Covid-19 vaccine; MRNA stock pink

Minimum distributions required from tax-deferred retirement accounts would rise to 75 under a new bipartisan proposal to expand workers’ access to savings plans and boost savings

Crude prices began to recover in the third quarter after a number of countries began to ease their multi-month lockdowns linked to the cornonavirus virus, which had lowered fuel demand and forced many Oil companies to merge to survive ConocoPhillips posted a loss of $ 500 million, or 42 cents per share, compared to third-quarter 2019 profit of $ 3 1 billion or $ 2 74 per share As oil prices plummeted in the spring during global coronavirus lockdowns, ConocoPhillips said it would cut more production than any North American producer, cutting production by 460,000 barrels per day by June

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World news – AU – BMRN ALERT: Klein Law Firm Announces November 24, 2020 Lead Complainant Deadline in Class Action registered in the name of BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc Limited shareholders
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