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The European Union bill (future relationship) needs to become law before the post-Brexit transition ends tomorrow evening

Here is a clip from Sir Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson from the opening of the debate.

All 107 Conservative MPs first elected in 2019 support the prime minister’s deal. This emerges from a letter organized by Peter Gibson, MP for Darlington and one of 107.

🇬🇧Pleasant to see everyone support # 107 of the Conservative intake of 2019 @BorisJohnson today in fulfilling our promises to the British people. #DealDone #PromiseDelivered 🇬🇧 picture. Twitter. com / h6dIXXVvbd

Ellie Reeves of Labor tells the Commons that it would not be credible for Labor to abstain from this vote. And she says the party cannot support a no-deal Brexit. She hopes, however, that Labor can build on the limited provisions of the bill in the future.

Back in the Commons debate, Sir Ed Davey, the Lib Dem leader, said that this deal « represents the greatest increase in bureaucracy in British history ». . The Conservatives can no longer claim to be the party of business, he says.

And they can no longer claim to be a party to law and order, he says, because this deal will mean that the UK will lose instant real-time access to EU crime-fighting databases.

He says his party will vote against the bill. The deal will cost jobs, undermine the service economy and damage the future of young people. « It’s bad business and the Liberal Democrats will vote against it, » he says.

Scottish Labor MSPs have denied their decision to support a proposal to Holyrood. The Brexit trade deal rejection exposed divisions with Keir Starmer after party members encountered angry backlash over her strategy.

Senior Labor MSPs were appalled after Richard Leonard, the Scottish Labor leader, released a press release Tuesday saying the party would vote for a motion from the Scottish National Party denying the deal on Wednesday afternoon. (See 10. 28 o’clock. )

This appeared to directly contradict Starmer’s instruction to Westminster Labor MPs to support Boris Johnson’s deal in order to avoid supporting a no-deal instead.

During a tense working group meeting on Wednesday morning, the MSP launched a so-called « recovery mission » to avert a crisis. These included telling an amendment to protect workers’ rights and asking Nicola Sturgeon’s administration to spend the £ 300m reserve on Brexit to mitigate its worst effects.

Party sources said the SNP motion filed on behalf of Nicola Sturgeon was indeed carefully worded and pragmatic. While it denied Holyrood’s approval of the deal, its central request was that the UK government suspend the deal so that the UK’s decentralized parliaments could properly examine it and have more time to deal with its negative effects.

A Labor source said the motion specifically accepted that a no-deal outcome must be avoided. They said this reflected Starmer’s position. « When we vote for it, we are not voting for or against a deal because it is very carefully worded. It’s about processes, ”said the source.

Anas Sarwar, the centrist MSP who is now the Constitutional spokesman for Scottish Labor, also tried to downplay the importance of the Holyrood and Senedd votes by calling them « symbolic » while advocating Starmer’s stance. He said:

The reality is that at this late stage we are faced with a binary choice between a deal or no deal, which is why our colleagues in the UK Labor Party are acting in the national interest of Westminster and rejecting a no-deal scenario.

In contrast to the SNP, we will not do anything to risk a Brexit without a deal. This is an adult policy as opposed to the nationalist game.

Nonetheless, this attempt to save face leads to a split in the Labor Party: in Westminster, Starmer will reluctantly support the deal while attacking the SNP for voting against it. In Senedd, Welsh, Labor is expected to support the « thin and disappointing deal » as Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said it is « a platform on which better deals can be negotiated in the future ». .

The Northern Ireland Assembly will hold a special session on Wednesday to debate – and despise – the Brexit deal.

Congregation members will be returning to Stormont Chamber early from their Christmas break to register opposition to the deal that is expected to sail through Westminster.

All votes in Stormont on Wednesday are not legally binding, so there is a sense of dutiful theater: the region that weighed on the entire Brexit process on the big day.

All parties in Northern Ireland are happy that London and Brussels averted a no-deal collapse and tariffs, but they are still rejecting Boris Johnson’s deal, but for different reasons.

Sinn Fein, Alliance and the SDLP regard Britain’s exit from the EU as a mistake. The Democratic Union Party supported Brexit but opposed the final version as it could affect trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

« A free trade agreement is better than no agreement, but for Northern Ireland this agreement does not reverse the adverse aspects of the protocol, » a DUP statement said.

The eight MPs from the DUP, along with MPs from Allianz and SDLP, will vote against the deal in Westminster. Sinn Fein MPs do not take their seats.

Labor’s Kevin Brennan says that in nearly 20 years as a MP, he has often voted for certain proposals despite reservations. But he says he doesn’t understand why Labor has to vote for the deal today.

Even on government terms, this deal is a failure, he says. It’s a thin deal and a bad deal. He says he won’t vote for it.

Hilary Benn, Labor Chair of the Commons Brexit Committee, tells MPs that this deal will not create a smooth trade. And he said he was amazed to hear cabinet minister Michael Gove defend the additional red tape that was being imposed on corporations earlier this week for making it easier for them to trade with other countries around the world  » fit ”.

Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative leader, said he voted to join the EU in 1975. But since the Maastricht Treaty, which he rejected, he thought Britain would choose to leave because European integration was going too far.

He says the deal is not perfect. But he welcomes it because it is « a great step forward » from what was there before. With sovereignty, Britain will have the power to decide things for itself. At the end of the transition to fishing, Britain will have control of its fish, he says.

The DUP votes against the bill. A statement earlier this week said it did so not because it was not in favor of a deal, but because « this deal does not undo the adverse aspects of the protocol ». .

Sammy Wilson, the DUP’s Brexit spokesman, is now speaking. He says that while other parts of the UK can benefit from EU rules, Northern Ireland will not as it will remain in the single market.

There is a four-minute time limit for backbench speaking in the debate. After speeches by Sir Peter Bottomley and Dame Margaret Beckett, veteran Tory Brexiter Sir Bill Cash has just praised Boris Johnson as someone who saved his country. He compared him to Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

Ian Blackford, the Westminster SNP leader, said when he saw the picture of Boris Johnson celebrating the deal with his arms raised, he thought about the impact Brexit will have on EU citizens living in Scotland.

When that bad Brexit deal was released, one of the very first public pictures published showed the Prime Minister raising his arms in celebration.

When I saw this picture, my mind immediately turned to the European nationals who have found their home here because they are definitely not celebrating.

During the four years and more of this Brexit chaos, the biggest emotion they have felt is worry – worrying about staying here, worrying about their jobs, and real concern about their families.

Says Prime Minister is still « drowning in deception » following Boris Johnson’s allegations. .

It is claimed that this is the largest free trade agreement in history, he says. However, the EU is the largest free trade bloc in the world.

But he claims the « greatest betrayal » was fishing. He says Scottish fishing communities will have less access to fish under these agreements. (Here is an explanation for this claim. )

Theresa May, the former Prime Minister, is named after Sir Keir Starmer. She says she supports the deal, but she criticizes Labor for not supporting the deal she negotiated on Downing Street.

But she says she is « disappointed » with what the deal offers for services. She hopes the government will continue to push financial services.

And she says the deal doesn’t mean the UK will be able to « cut the EU out of our lives ». . A number of committees are being set up to oversee this, she says.

One thing this treaty does not do is remove the EU from our lives because there is a whole structure of committees in place, some of which – like the Partnership Council – will be able to change this regime, To make statements about the functioning and interpretation without, as far as I can see, any formal reference to this Parliament.

It is important that in the future we recognize that we live in a connected world and that the United Kingdom will play the role I believe it should play in not only maintaining but promoting and promoting the rules-based international order and to ensure that we advance interest and value and strengthen multilateral institutions like the World Trade Organization, we must never allow ourselves to think – as I fear some in this House – that sovereignty means isolationism.

Starmer says the lack of ambition in the trade deal is noticeable. And he says it is not honest for the prime minister to pretend the deal is what it is not.

So we have to ask ourselves whether the Prime Minister has not tried to get a strong deal to protect our service economy, or whether he has tried and failed. Which is it?

Starmer says Boris Johnson claims Britain has secured sovereignty and no tariffs. But as soon as the UK deviates from the level playing field, tariffs will go into effect, he says.

Starmer is now talking about the details of the deal. He said Boris Johnson claimed at his press conference on Christmas Eve that there would be no non-tariff trade barriers under the deal. But that wasn’t true, said Starmer.

It is not true and the Prime Minister knows what he said is not true. He’s just not going to get up today and acknowledge it, and that speaks volumes about the kind of prime minister we have. Because the truth is, there will be an avalanche of check bureaucracy and red tape for UK businesses.

He calls on Johnson to defend his claim. Johnson Says Trade Will Be Duty Free and Quota Free (which is not the same thing).

Back in the House of Commons, Sir Keir Starmer is speaking now. He says Labor is voting with the government today because a deal is better than no deal, not because it approves of every aspect of the deal.

There is only one way today to vote for this deal to happen or to vote for no deal. Those who vote no are voting for no deal.

That’s the gist: Those who vote no today want yes. They want others to save them from their own voice. To vote no, to want to do so, that is the truth of the situation and that is why my party took a different path.

David Linden of the SNP asks why Labor is voting for the deal in London and against it in Scotland. (See Severin Carrell’s contribution on this at 10 a.m.. 28 o’clock. )

Scottish Labor finds itself in a no-win dilemma over Brexit after deciding to support a Scottish National Party motion against the Brexit deal in Holyrood – in direct contradiction to Keir Starmer’s stance in Westminster.

To the dismay of his internal critics, Richard Leonard, the Scottish party leader, announced on Tuesday that the party would vote with the SNP to reject the deal, arguing that it would cause unjustified economic damage in Scotland.

To the delight of its opponents, this puts the Scottish party on a collision course with Starmer, who has insisted that Labor must support the deal now that Westminster is now signed and Westminster has the binary choice to either support it or support it effectively No deal Brexit.

NEW: @scottishlabour is amazingly breaking the ranks with @Keir_Starmer by voting against the @GOVUK # Brexit deal in #Holyrood tomorrow – despite Starmer’s demand Labor return the deal in Westminster

Denied counter-arguments that Labor should abstain, Starmer told the Guardian on Tuesday: “If you vote against, you are not voting for any deal. That is the inexplicable position of the SNP. The consequence, if they succeed, will not be an agreement. ”

The implication of Starmer’s position is that Scottish Labor must also support a no-deal when voting with the SNP in Holyrood. Ian Murray, the sole Scottish Labor MP and the Scottish Shadow Secretary, has repeatedly endorsed Starmer’s analysis.

SNP MPs do not vote. This is not a « fundamental vote against Brexit », but a vote for no agreement. That goes well with it, only 90. Spending £ 000 in EU to enforce CS20ANDCHAR GE2019 instead of sticking to people’s vote. It is in Scotland’s interest to have a deal for no deal. You always agreed. https: // t. co / s1UCwNH2e4

After a tense Holyrood Labor group meeting, the party is expected to release a revised position today, claiming that its rejection of the deal was based on the Tory government’s failure to consult decentralized nations. It is also alleged that they empathize with Starmer’s dilemma, arguing that he has been placed in an insidious position.

With Labor in third place in the crucial Holyrood elections in May, Leonard clearly hopes the vote against the deal will protect Labor from SNP attacks that support Brexit. Given the strong europhile sentiment in Scotland, this line of scrimmage could hurt Labor.

From today’s perspective, the SNP’s motion to Holyrood to reject the deal will certainly receive support from the Scottish Greens and will therefore just go by without Labour’s support. The Tories will vote against the SNP, as will the Lib Dems.

Even so, Labor’s stance could have a significant impact on the party in May: it will impact Starmer at a time when Labor unity is essential and Labor’s allegations are in disarray. This in turn increases the chances of the SNP to win the majority at Holyrood and thus hold a second independence referendum.

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