World News – AU – Brisbane couple killed accidentally in « terrorist attack, » police say


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The murder of an elderly couple in their Brisbane home has been declared a « terrorist incident ». and it is believed that they were victims of « accident ». Attack by a man who was later shot by police.

Authorities are so concerned they continue to knock on all neighboring homes in the Parkinson’s area to see if there are more victims.

Detectives have discovered a connection between the man shot on the Logan Autobahn, the 22-year-old Raghe Abdi, and the married couple Maurice Antill (87) and Zoe Antill (86), who were killed in their Parkinson’s house.

Tracy Linford, assistant commissioner for the Queensland Police Department, said a « subject matter ». was found on Mr. Abdi’s body at the crime scene on the Logan Highway, which is believed to be from the West Indies. Home and other « objects » found in the Antilles ???? House believed to have belonged to Mr Abdi.

Ms. Linford confirmed that Mr. Abdi shouted « Allahu Akbar, » which translates as « God is great, » just before he was shot by officers on the Logan Highway.

Police said he was carrying a knife when officers confronted him in Drewvale Thursday morning, hours after he turned off the GPS tracking device he was supposed to be wearing as bail.

Mr. Abdi was known to the anti-terrorism police, was on strict bail conditions and, according to the police, was suspected of being influenced by the Islamic State.

The GPS tracker has since been found by the police in the bushland, a few kilometers from the Antilles. At home.

Ms. Linford said Friday that detectives are investigating a possible link between Mr. Abdi and the West Indies, but none have been found.

« Until we can connect, yes, we consider it an accidental [attack] » she said.

Ms. Linford said police were concerned that there could be more victims in the surrounding Parkinson’s homes after officials found the West Indies. body.

They were found around 3 p.m. Thursday while police were being called to their home at 59 Ulinga Crescent, Parkinson’s for a social check-up after the couple failed to show up for a doctor’s appointment.

« ???? That’s why we started knocking on the door immediately after discovering the two elderly people in the area. « Mrs. Linford said.

???? The door knock has two reasons – One is discovering people who have heard or seen something that might be of value to investigation, but it is also a welfare check for those living in the area as people are in an increased state of concern.

â ???? Can I ask someone watching or hearing your news today, if you have a family in this Parkinson’s disease area, now would be a good time to check them out and make sure they are okay. â ????

Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Scott Lee said the circumstances were « extremely tragic » but police do not believe the Queensland community is still under threat and they are not indicative of anyone else is involved in these incidents alongside Mr. Abdi.

A social media campaign « Justice for Raghe Abdi » has gained traction in the 24 hours since his death and has gained more than 1100 followers on Instagram.

The contents of the account include allegations of police racism in the shooting of Mr. Abdi, allegations that he was not armed with a knife and questions about why he was shot and not verbally abused or wounded.

Ms. Linford said she was unable to post the bodycam footage from the officers involved in the Logan Highway.

« This will become evidence under the Coronial Inquiry, and it really is more of a medical examiner’s choice than the police.  » She said.

â ???? The fact that quite a number of people are now following Mr Abdi on Instagram, I ask them to keep watching the media publications on the matter and the matter will come before the court and the facts will be provided.

« I just cannot provide all of them to you right now, and the reason we are doing this is that as I give you specific details about this investigation, it can affect the minds of anyone who might come. « forward as a witness. â ????

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World news – AU – Brisbane couple killed accidentally in « terrorist incident, » police say


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