World News – AU – Candice Warner talks about the toilet experience at SAS Australia


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Publish date: 09:28 GMT, 16 November 2020 | Updated: 19:41 GMT, November 16, 2020

Monday’s episode of SAS Australia saw the recruits having to admit their biggest regrets of their lives to the rest of the group.

Sitting in front of her fellow enlisted men, a tense Candice Warner talks about her infamous toiletries experience with rugby league soccer player, Sonny Bill Williams.

“A long time ago when I was little I put myself in an equal position, which I regret,” the 35-year-old began moving uncomfortably in her seat.

SCANDAL: Candice Warner tense sat in front of her enlisted mates, speaking about her infamous experience with rugby league soccer player Sonny Bill Williams

Senior Coach Ant Middleton then asked Candace to clarify what had happened, but she simply described it as a « personal situation. ».

After crying, Candace admits that she has consumed « a lot of drinks, » before fellow recruiter Shanan Bunton summarizes it as a « bargaining position. ».

The 35-year-old said to her fellow recruits: « A long time ago when I was little, I put myself in a compromising position, which is my regret. ».

Candice was caught in a bathroom with Sonny Bell, 35, during a night at the Clovelly Hotel in Sydney in 2007.

“Yes, I got it wrong. But is it really worth every day the media tries to drag me down? She cried.

After becoming emotional, Candace admits that she has been forced to live with her mistake, and admits that one day she will have to explain it to her three young daughters.

Some explain what he’s doing: When she became emotional, Candace admitted that she was forced to live with her mistake, and admitted that she will one day have to explain it to her three little daughters

Living with that and then having to explain to my children in the future will be very difficult. Especially when you have three girls.

Candice is a mother of three girls, Ivy, six, Indy, four, and Isla, one, with her five-year-old husband cricketer David Warner.

I remember sitting on the side of the street and couldn’t stand it anymore. Just thinking, « If this is what life is all about, I can’t stand it anymore, » she added.

Provide support: As Candace wiped tears from her eyes, lead trainer Ant Middleton gave a comfortable pressure on her shoulder

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World News – AU – Candice Warner talks about their toilet use experience on SAS Australia
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