World news – AU – Candice Warner toilet has appeared again


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Candice Warner was forced to relive her infamous meeting with soccer superstar Sonny Bill Williams. . . one more time.

As part of a confidence exercise in SAS Australia, the star was asked to share something she regretted and ashamed of.

This isn’t the first time the former Iron Woman has shared her feelings about the infamous 2007 toilet experiment.

Earlier in the series, Warner admitted she made a « huge mistake » that brought her family to shame..

The attempt with SBW made national headlines 13 years ago, after a member of the public used his mobile phone to shoot footage of the husband while they were at the Clovelly Hotel in Sydney.

« I put myself in a situation I shouldn’t face and because of that I have brought embarrassment (and) shame to my family.

« Nothing happened – it was overrated, » said Warner, who was 22 at the time, shortly after the accident, before finally accepting that she regretted the mistake..

“I realize my image as an athlete and have a responsibility towards youth. Young girls are looking for me.

She met 21-year-old Sonny Bill at the East Suburbs Hotel while he was celebrating an NRL win with his Bulldogs teammates.

The Sonny Bell incident got its ugly head in 2018 when cricket fans and South African players skated to Warner during a cricket tour of the country.

Days later, an Australian opening batsman got involved in the infamous ball-tampering scandal and was sent home in disgrace.

Candace, who had a miscarriage a week after her husband apologized for his role in the accident, has also opened up about the ball-messing saga on SAS Australia.

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World News – Australia – Candice Warner toilet has appeared again
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