WORLD NEWS – AU – Chris & Liam Hemsworth fans revel in how amazing their 60-year-old mom is


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The Hemsworth family celebrated solo and solo Leoni Hemsworth in November. 15 with an epic 60th birthday party with family. Chris Hemsworth, 37, posted a series of photos from his mom’s birthday party. His mother wore a long beige dress and a flower crown. Chris wrote: « Happy 60’s to the greatest mother on earth I love mom xo. ».

Liam Hemsworth, 30, shared an adorable selfie featuring his mother in honor of her birthday.. In the precious photo, Liam’s mother snuggles near her youngest son. “The best mom ever. Best person ever. I love you without end. Happy birthday, Lones, « wrote Liam.

Fans on my Chris William account could only help them like their mom. A fan commented on the photo of Chris, « Doesn’t look old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM !!! “Post books,” Your mom looks wonderful. I wouldn’t believe she was 60 years old. happy birth day! God bless her more.

One fan thought she could be a little sister! « are you kidding me ?? . . . She is 60! No way . . . She appears to be a younger sister . . . . . Oh my God, « the admirer said.

Chris’s wife, Elsa Pataky, 44, posted photos and a video from Leone’s 60th birthday party on her Instagram story. « Happy birthday to Yoni, you are a legend! » Elsa Books. When Leonie blew out her candles and made a wish in Elsa’s video, one of her grandchildren told her not to say her wish out loud.. Leonie listened kindly to her grandson and didn’t tell him she wanted.

Leonie is the mother of all three of Hemsworth’s children: Chris, William and Luke, 40. She is married to Craig Hemsworth, and they both live in Australia. Hemsworth men absolutely adore their mom. They also shared cute Mother’s Day messages about Leoni in May 2020. One thing is very clear: Hemsworth’s sons love their mom!

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World News – AU – Chris & Liam Hemsworth fans about how amazing their 60-year-old mom is
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