World News – AU – Chromebook showcases the talents of Poppy Starr, Dan Hong and Jenny Kee in R / GA’s campaign


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Chromebook highlights the talents of Poppy Starr, Dan Hong and Jenny Kee in R / GA

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Chromebook stands out from other laptops on the market, highlighting its versatility and ease of use with the help of pro skateboarder Poppy Starr, chef Dan Hong and fashion designer Jenny Kee.

The R / GA campaign was launched via YouTube, Radio, Spotify, Out-of-Home, Social and Digital. Hong, Starr, and Kee each demonstrate the different ways they can use their talents with the Chromebook.

Ben Mills, Google Product Marketing Manager, said, “The Chromebook is designed to be accessible to all and captured perfectly by the talents of our campaign. Google is happy to offer this new option to Australians. ”

Introduced in Australia in May, the Chromebook has an operating system with Chrome OS, built-in security, and an all-day battery.

R / GA and Google wanted to take advantage of the end of the year with the campaign and position Chromebooks as devices that are useful for every family member.

Kieran Anthill, Executive Creative Director of R / GA, said, “The way Australians work, learn and play is different than ever and cloud-based devices are the new normal. Google Chromebooks leads this mindset change.

« It is this new way of thinking from the school that has shaped our talent strategy – three uniquely different Australians, each going their own way and each having a deep impact, not just a passing moment. ”

Google Chromebook Australia
Head of B2C Marketing, Apps & Platforms, AUNZ – Zoe Hayes
Google Product Marketing Manager – Ben Mills
Google Branding Specialist – Michelle Taylor

R / GA Australia
Copywriter – Kate Ross
Art Director – Courtney Fay
Visual designer – Katarzyna Komenda
Strategy Director – Mitch Incoll
Senior Content Producer – Kyle Belcher, Siobhan Crowley
Executive producer – Chris Smyth
Senior Account Director, Ranjan Kumar
Regional Group Director, Millie Menage
Executive Strategy Director, Jon Holloway
Executive Creative Director, Kieran Antill
Managing Director Victoria Curro

Zoe Wilkinson is a reporter for Mumbrella. Zoe graduated from UNSW, where she completed a dual Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Media with a focus on marketing and public relations. She interned with Ten, News Xtend and Seven.

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World News – AU – Chromebook shows the talents of Poppy Starr, Dan Hong and Jenny Kee in the R / GA campaign
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Chromebook highlights the talents of Poppy Starr, Dan Hong and Jenny Kee in R / GA’s campaign
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