World news – AU – Deleting your Facebook account will also delete your Oculus games


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Oculus Makes Facebook Accounts Mandatory For Its New VR Headsets And Ends Oculus Account Support On January 1, 2023 It’s A Decision Katharine Rightly Says As Lousy Worse, Like Your Oculus Headset And your Facebook account will be inextricably linked, it turns out that your Oculus purchases will be deleted if you choose to delete your Facebook account It makes sense, in a dark way, and it sucks

If you have linked your Facebook and Oculus accounts, or created a new VR account by logging in through Facebook, which I just did, you will receive a warning when you attempt to deactivate or delete your Facebook account

Your account deactivation doesn’t have to be permanent, according to Facebook, but it will prevent you from accessing your products and your Oculus account. « Your profile will be deactivated and your name and photos will be removed from most of the things you shared You will also not be able to access Oculus products or your Oculus information You will be able to continue using Messenger, ”the warning says on the opt-out page What’s worse is the warning about deleting your account

« Deleting your Facebook account will also delete your Oculus information This includes your app purchases and achievements. You will no longer be able to return any apps and will lose all existing store credits »

I’ve been a cavalier in the past about digital ownership of my own games and wow, that definitely puts a good point on that

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According to UploadVR, Facebook confirmed to them that « if you own the original Quest, Rift, or Rift S, aren’t getting another Oculus headset, and you’ve been hesitant to link your accounts for so long. For a long time, you could still delete your unlinked Facebook account for now and your purchases in the Oculus store would not be affected « Facebook adds that they will keep these users informed » as we near end of support for Oculus accounts in 2023 « 

There is the obvious problem with wanting to remove yourself from Facebook’s social media platform without losing access to the products you have purchased, but there are bound to be even worse extreme cases I remember the players from Fallout 76 whose Facebook accounts were banned earlier this month when their role-playing group Free States Militia was mistakenly viewed as a veritable violent militia Then there are the Oculus Quest 2 users who have been stuck out of their headsets in several scenarios.It seems that even if you don’t make the conscious choice to delete your Facebook account, having your Oculus headset in. requires one could still cause serious problems

It’s a shame, because Oculus headsets are at the top of Katharine’s summary of the best VR headsets and her review of Oculus Quest 2 says, « There’s no denying that the Quest 2 sets the bar high for virtual reality the ability to choose between wireless and VR-connected PCs gives you a lot more for your money than competing headsets ”

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World News – AU – Deleting your Facebook account will also delete your Oculus games



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