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World News – AU – Digital Realty to expand global reach to PlatformDIGITAL® with the development of a 250MW data center campus in Western Sydney

. . Digital Realty, the leading global provider of data centers and co-location and interconnection solutions, today announced a milestone in the global roadmap for PlatformDIGITAL® and continued investment in Australia with the acquisition of two additional land plots in Western Sydney totaling 16. 2 hectares. This significant expansion will enable local and multinational companies to deploy critical infrastructure and scale their digital businesses at the heart of a major global data exchange hub..

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SYDNEY, November. 16, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Digital Realty, the leading global provider of data centers, co-location and interconnection solutions, today announced a milestone in its global roadmap for PlatformDIGITAL® and continued investment in Australia through the acquisition of two additional land plots in Western Sydney for a total of 16. 2 hectares. This significant expansion will enable local and multinational companies to deploy critical infrastructure and scale their digital businesses at the heart of a major global data exchange hub..

The acquisition of these two plots of land, one located in Erskine Park and the other in Horsley Park, will accelerate the growth of digital real estate in Australia and highlight its ongoing investment in Sydney.. When fully constructed, these parcels are expected to support the development of up to 250 megawatts of critical IT capacity. Digital Realty’s planned investment and development is expected to generate hundreds of jobs by its construction partners during the development phase.

Digital Real Estate Investment in Australia Sydney is one of the leading centers in the Asia Pacific region for the finance, education and professional services industries, with five major universities and representing nearly 65% ​​of financial services activity in Australia. Sydney is well positioned to become a prominent enterprise data hub, and is set to achieve the fourth fastest growth in data density by 2024, according to the DGx ™ Data Attractiveness Index recently published by Digital Realty.. The inaugural report measures the creation, compilation and exchange of global enterprise data for the year 2000 across 21 metro areas.

Four of the six fastest-growing cities are located within the Asia-Pacific region, and Singapore ranks first, followed by Hong Kong (second), Sydney (fourth) and Tokyo (sixth). These results confirm Sydney’s strength as an internationally recognized financial and business center, providing rich portals for a global enterprise data connection.

Australia is strategically located along the submarine fiber cable routes, with the deployment of submarine cables connecting Sydney to Asia. Digital Realty’s investment and expansion in Australia complements the company’s existing data center facilities in Western Sydney. Connected campus provides access to a rich community of enterprises, networks, content providers, and the cloud, including direct custom access to IBM Cloud.

Mulgoa member Tania Davis welcomed the expansion of Digital Realty’s presence. “Western Sydney is fast becoming a center for data, science, research, innovation and industry. I welcome the continued expansion of Digital Realty’s footprint and the opportunities and pathways it will provide for Western Sydney now and in the future.

Yo. s. Consul General Sharon Hudson Dean said, “The continued investment of Digital Realty in Australia, and western Sydney in particular, is a welcome positive development that builds on the already strong trade and investment ties between the United States and New South Wales, which are essential partners for a prosperous future in the Oceanian region. Indian and Pacific.

CEO of Digital Real Estate Prof.. William Stein stated: “Sydney has always been a leading center in developing and adapting new data-driven technologies, particularly through its position as a major economic hub in the Asia Pacific region.. This acquisition marks a major milestone in our global roadmap for PlatformDIGITAL® and will strengthen our ability to serve clients of local and multinational organizations in a major data exchange hub..

Mark Smith, Managing Director of Digital Real Estate, APAC, commented: “Big data, artificial intelligence, 5G mobile services and the Internet of Things are gaining momentum domestically, with emerging technologies expected to contribute A $ 30 billion to Sydney’s economy by 2029.. The accelerating pace of digital transformation is making Sydney a prime market to invest and expand our global platform.

Adds Matt Berzak, Vice President of Portfolio Management, APAC for Digital Realty, “The expansion into Australia is an exciting new development, providing additional evidence of Digital Realty’s capabilities in the technology sector and in response to the growing demand for digitalization from investors and companies.. As the pandemic continues to drive more businesses around the world online, developing our PlatformDIGITAL® offerings is critical to supporting businesses through their digital transformation journey..

Digital Realty’s continuous expansion in the Asia-Pacific region Digital Realty delivers a full suite of global data center, co-location and interconnection solutions, and currently owns and operates more than 280 facilities in 49 global metropolitan areas. In the Asia Pacific region, Digital Realty operates and is also developing a network of industry-leading data centers located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Melbourne and Sydney.. Digital Realty’s exponential expansion across the Asia Pacific region will include new development projects throughout 2021 across many of these key markets..

About Digital Realty Digital Realty supports the world’s leading organizations and service providers by offering a full suite of data center, cross-distribution, and interconnected solutions. PlatformDIGITAL®, the company’s global data center platform, provides customers with a trusted foundation and methodology for Pervasive Datacentre Architecture PDx ™ to scale digital business and efficiently manage data attractiveness challenges. Digital Realty’s global data center footprint enables customers to access the connected communities that matter to them through more than 284 facilities in 49 metro areas in 24 countries on six continents. To learn more about digital real estate, please visit Digital Realty. com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Forward-looking statements This press release contains forward-looking statements based on current expectations, forecasts and assumptions that have risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results and results to differ materially, including data relating to land acquisitions and developments in Sydney.. Our forecasts for Sydney and Australia markets, cloud growth, our growth and development plans, DGx ™ data attractiveness index and PlatformDIGITAL®. For a list and description of these risks and uncertainties, see Company Reports and other filings with U. . s. Securities and Exchange Commission. The company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.. .

in an organizational file detailing U. s. Holdings of listed shares as of September. 30, Berkshire revealed $ 5. 7 billion new healthcare rations, including more than $ 1. $ 8 billion each in Abbvie Inc, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co, and Merck & Co, and $ 136 million each in Pfizer Inc.. Buffett typically makes large investments for $ 245 to Berkshire. 3 billion stock portfolio itself. « COVID-19 has made us think differently about healthcare, » said James Armstrong, president of Henry H.. Armstrong & Associates of Pittsburgh, which owns Berkshire shares.

It’s too early to tell if these proposals will be enacted, especially if Republicans stick to the Senate, but few of them will affect many Americans.

« When viable and widely distributed vaccines reach the market, we believe this will spur the next step down in the structural downtrend of the US dollar that we expect, ». s. The bank said in a research note. On Monday, Moderna said it has an experimental vaccine that has 94. 5% effective in preventing COVID-19 based on provisional data from a clinical trial at a late stage, becoming the second. s. The company within a week to report results far exceeding expectations.

Nio prepares to announce third-quarter results Tuesday, after emerging Chinese opponent Tesla becomes a target of the short seller.

The return will cost the retailer about $ 4. $ 4 billion for registered shareholders as of December end of business. 2.

Tesla will be added to the S&P 500, a milestone that will expand its investor base and place the electric vehicle maker in the same company as heavyweights like Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, and Microsoft. This announcement, released Monday afternoon by S&P Dow Jones Indices, sent out 13 shares. 7% higher in post-market trading. The Dow Jones S&P Indexes said in a statement that Tesla will formally join the benchmark ahead of December 21 trading. .

President John F. Kennedy once said, “The rising tide lifts all boats,” which is also true in the stock market.. We are in the midst of such a rising tide – at least in the short term. The major indices, the Dow, S&P, and the Nasdaq all are up between 9% and 12%. 5% this month, trends are positive. The recent elections, which made clear the prospect of a divided government are unlikely to pass drastic changes in economic policy, and the positive COVID-19 vaccine news has improved investor sentiment.. And not just investors. Company insiders buy stocks as well, in a show of confidence that will attract investor attention. These insiders aren’t just buyers when it comes to stocks – they’re also custodians. Insiders are corporate officials and board members, and they are responsible for maintaining the profitability of their companies, and their company shares, for the benefit of shareholders.. In addition, their sites give them access to information that is not always available to the general public. In short, corporate insiders following is a viable path toward profitable stock moves. To facilitate this research, TipRanks Insiders ‘Hot Stocks’ tool gets started – identifying stocks that saw useful moves by insiders, highlighting many of the popular strategies used by insiders, and gathering data all in one place.. New from this database, here are the details of three « strong buy » stocks that have been showing « beneficial buying » in recent days. Hanesbrands (HBI) Hanesbrands is undoubtedly a familiar character to you. Hanes is an apparel manufacturer that specializes in undergarments, and its brands include Hanes, Playtex, L’eggs, Champion and more.. The company’s clothing is fairly ubiquitous, reflecting its necessity, and these humble products generated more than $ 7 billion in revenue last year.. This year, Hanes, like much of the retail world, took a hit in the first quarter when the Corona pandemic forced a general economic shutdown.. But the company soon recovered, and third-quarter revenue was $ 1. 81 billion, the highest in the past four quarters. Earnings show a more mixed picture; The Q2 EPS came in at a premium price of 60 cents, while the third quarter showed a 30% drop to 42 cents. However, this decline left third-quarter earnings in line with previous years’ results. The earnings report, with a combination of beating estimates and a year-on-year decline, drove the stock lower in recent sessions.. Nevertheless, the HBI has clearly regained its value since hitting bottom in the ‘Corona Recession’. “The stock is up ~ 90% from its lowest this year. Adding to the attractiveness, Hanes has maintained a common stock dividend, and has maintained the payout at 15 cents per common share, throughout 2020.. This yield now yields above average 4. 6%. On the home front, two transactions, both by Ronal Nelson of the Board of Directors, have turned Hanes’ emotional needle into positive territory.. In the past five days, Nelson has bought over $ 1 million in shares, in two tranches, one of 50,000 shares and the other of 30,000.. In Hanesbrands’ coverage of Raymond James, analyst Matthew McClintock noted the company’s strong current position. “We believe HBI’s results for the third quarter of 2020 indicate continued market share gains in its core categories driven by the company’s inherent competitive advantages in terms of size, strong brands and its internal supply chain,” noted the five-star analyst.. Additionally, McClintock believes the company is proving its ability to adapt to the coronavirus scene: “HBI’s protective clothing business is expected to be purposefully slowed down.. This recently developed business line to help fight the pandemic generated $ 179 million in revenue during the third quarter of 2020 (reflecting 10% of revenue) – beating HBI’s previous forecast for the second half of 2021 of $ 150 million.. McClintock rates HBI as a strong buy, and its $ 16 target price points to a 22% rise from current levels.. (To see McClintock’s track record, click here) Other analysts are on the same page. With 4 purchases and 1 reservation in the past three months, the word on the street is that HBI is a solid buy. (See HBI stock analysis on TipRanks) Dun & Bradstreet Holdings (DNB) Next stock is a newcomer to the markets. Dun & Bradstreet is a data analytics company, with a focus on business and service needs. The company, known as D&B, provides data services in the areas of risk, finance, operations, supply, sales, marketing, research and insight.. D&B has a global reach, and last summer, 171 years after its founding, it held its IPO. This IPO raised an impressive dollar. 7 billion in new capital – more shares were sold than expected, at a higher price than expected. After initial pricing 65. 75 million shares at a price of $ 19 to $ 21 a share, the company’s initial public offering in June saw the sale of 78 shares. 3 million shares at a share price of $ 22. Since then, the stock has risen 30%.. Revenue is strong, too. As for the calendar in the third quarter of the year, which is the first for the company in public circulation, the upper limit reached $ 442 million, the highest level in more than a year.. All this could explain the strong positive emotions from the inside. Two big buying in the past week are flashing signals for investors. Bryan Hipsher, the company’s CFO, has bought more than $ 105,000, while CEO Anthony Jabbour has spent $ 999.. $ 780 for a block of 38,000 shares. Total sales together are more than 1 dollar. $ 1 million. RBC analyst Seth Weber, rated 5-star by TipRanks, is optimistic on DNB. He rated the performance of Outstanding Stock (i. e. Purchase) with a target price of $ 31. (To see Weber’s track record, click here) In his comments, Weber says: “We see the ongoing transformation of D&B as it is, supporting more consistent sales growth, margin expansion and better cash generation. . . . From a technical point of view, the cloud-based Analytics Studio expects an increase in performance and initial functionality from Project Ascent in the fourth quarter of 2020 (improved data uptake and reduced latency); The company continues to add new / alternative data sources and coverage. D&B shares are currently trading for $ 27. 40, $ 31. 67 Average price target is slightly more bullish than Weber, indicating a 15% rally for next year. The analyst’s consensus rating, which is a strong buy, is based on the consensus of 3 buy reviews. (See DNB Stock Analysis on TipRanks) Assurant (AIZ) last but not least is Assurant, a professional player in the insurance industry. Assurant provides insurance products and solutions for a wide variety of needs, including connected devices, vehicles, rental units, funerals, and FMCGs.. Some of these are conventional insurance products (cars come to mind here), while others are good examples of a company having to spot an unfulfilled need – and moving to fill it (connected devices and rental units). Assurant shares and financial results this year were strong. The stock has fully recovered from the COVID infection, and is now showing real, albeit modest, year-to-date gains of 5. 5%. On the top line, revenue has remained flat between $ 2. From 4 billion to 2 dollars. 6 billion in the past 12 months; Q3 at $ 2. 5 billion, smack in the middle of that range. The only dark spot is EPS, which in the third quarter fell to $ 1. 41, 48% straight decline. The decline did not bother Braxton Carter, a member of the company’s board, much. Carter bought a block of 1,950 shares on November 6, and paid out more than $ 249,000. When covering Truist stocks, 5-star analyst Mark Hughes pointed to the company’s strength in the under-appreciated rental insurance market.. “The company has renewed 85% of its US customers in Lender-mode since the start of last year. They don’t yet see any hiring increase from the increase in mortgage delay, but they have suggested that there could be additional volume in 2021 depending on the state of the housing market.. Hughes noted that the acceleration in multi-family revenue growth, to 9% in the third quarter, is partly due to the momentum with Cover360 property management product.. . In the analyst’s conclusion, “Assurant has successfully operated in parts of the insurance industry far less than travel than most – particularly in the controversial and volatile, but highly profitable, homeowner insurance market, and the Lender.. To that end, Hughes is evaluating AIZ a Buy, along with a $ 150 price target. This number indicates a 10% rise from current levels. (To see Hughes’ track record, click here) All in all, with 3 purchasing ratings recorded, the Strong Buy Analyst’s consensus rating on Assurant is unanimous. Average target price per share, $ 149. 67, in line with Hughes, suggests a 1-year bullish potential of ~ 10%. (See AIZ Stock Analysis at TipRanks) To find good stock trading ideas with attractive valuations, visit Best Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that unites all the stock insights for TipRanks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are only those of featured analysts. The content is intended for informational use only. It is very important to do your analysis before making any investment.

Fintech firm SmartAsset looked at average household expenditures and found that nationally, a $ 1 million nest egg should last 23 years. 46 years old. The results showed that retirees in New York City would exhaust a million dollars in every ten. 21 years, while the money will last 32 years. 26 years old in McAllen, Texas. SmartAsset spokesperson Mark Locastro says McAllen’s number is impressive, but people shouldn’t assume the averages will be correct for them.

When searching for the best AI stocks to buy, identify companies that are using AI technology to improve products or gain a strategic advantage, such as Microsoft, Netflix, and Nvidia.

(Bloomberg) – JD. Com company. The company’s shares fell by as much as 9% after concerns about slowing e-commerce growth and pressure on margins outpacing better-than-expected revenue growth after Covid.. Beijing-based JD. Com sales are up 29% to 174. 21 billion yuan ($ 26. 5 billion) during the July-September quarter, topping 170. 5 billion yuan, the average analyst estimate. Her net income jumped to 7. 6 billion yuan, helped by a one-time gain of more than 3. 7 billion yuan in investment and other items. JD joined his younger rival Pinduoduo Inc. In beating Wall Street estimates, after a strong November. The 11-day performance showed how online spending is picking up ahead even as overall retail spending showed only a modest recovery.. Official data showed that Chinese retail sales growth in October was below expectations. Analyst Alicia Yap said in a report that JD’s general merchandise sales – a measure of all transactions across its platforms – slowed and came in about 5% below Citigroup’s forecast.. . The company is expected to spend on new initiatives in Internet commerce to keep pace with rival Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.. JD shares fell to 335 Hong Kong dollars. 6 on Tuesday in Hong Kong. What Bloomberg Intelligence says: Operating margin could decline sequentially in the fourth quarter, in line with seasonality observed a year ago. Dinar. Com plans to increase investment in infrastructure to support its supermarket business, which the company has identified as a strategic priority, as the pandemic diverts consumers from purchasing groceries and fresh products to online channels.. – Vey-Sern Ling and Tiffany Tam Analysts Click here to search. JD’s findings coincide with the growing regulatory pressure on the tech giants. Last week, Beijing released a raft of detailed guidelines to curb monopolistic practices, raising questions about the future of companies from JD and Alibaba to backing JD’s Tencent Holdings Ltd.. . Separate rules governing microlending have torpedoed Ant Group Co. An initial public offering of $ 35 billion, sparking speculation over whether it is a Jordanian dinar. Com’s fast-growing fintech arm will face a longer journey in launching to the public. Language in regulations indicates a heavy emphasis on anti-competitive practices in Internet commerce, ranging from enforced exclusive arrangements with merchants known as « choose one of two » to algorithm-based pricing in favor of new users. Ali Baba, JD. Kum and Pinduoduo have accused each other of using deceitful tactics in the past. On Monday, JD executives said on a earnings call that they fully support the new antitrust regulations because they opened up room for innovation.. Read more: $ 290 billion down, China’s tech investors think of nightmare scenarios, annual active customer accounts increase 32% to 441. 6 million in the 12 months ending September. 30, with nearly 80% of new users coming from less developed cities – the battlefield between JD and competitors like Pinduoduo. Dinar share. The com was sold in Hong Kong along with other Chinese tech leaders after the antitrust regulations last week, but they have recovered some of their losses since then hoping that its arch-foe Alibaba will bear the brunt of any Beijing action.. JD’s stock is still up strongly this year in the wake of increased internet activity after the outbreak. Pinduoduo last week posted a stronger-than-expected 89% increase in third-quarter sales, despite Alibaba’s revenue growing at the slowest pace ever in the quarter from July to September.. For more articles like these, please visit us at Bloomberg. comSubscribe now to keep up with your most trusted business news source. © 2020 Bloomberg LLC. s.

Elliott Management, which last year earned $ 3. 2 billion shares in AT&T , another company that pushed for changes in 2019.

A key witness involved in the arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou two years ago decided not to testify in Canadian court as part of Meng’s ongoing witness questioning, as the court heard on Monday. Meng returned to the Supreme Court of British Columbia on Monday as U. s. The extradition hearing has resumed. Meng, 48, was arrested in December 2018 at Vancouver International Airport by Canadian police, based on a warrant from the United States..

What are the dividends and the companies with the best dividends? Read on for an introductory book on how best to approach this investment method.

There is a major trend emerging in the capital markets right now that will change the trajectory of investment for years to come

The possibility that a COVID-19 vaccine will appear on the market in the coming months – not years – and the opportunity that it provides control over the new virus, gets investors in the mood to buy, and boosts market gains. The S&P 500 has risen more than 10% so far in November. What stocks should you look at now? Bank of America analysts have flagged three technology-oriented stocks as potential gainers. All three fit the profile: they boast a solid buying analyst consensus rating, and Bank of America sees their bullish potential starting at 30% and heading upwards from there.. Wix. Com, Ltd.. (WIX) We’ll start with Wix, the self-built website builder. Since it came onto the scene 14 years ago, this company has built a reputation as a one-stop shop for building websites, building its business on the «  freemium  » model, providing customers – who aren’t necessarily web site experts – the ability to build and maintain the site – for free.. More advanced tools and support are available through the subscription service. It’s a viable model that fulfills a real need, as evidenced by the company’s annual revenues of over $ 700 million. What’s more, WIX shares are up 95% year-to-date, with growth actually picking up in May. Wix’s quarterly revenue also showed a pattern of increase through 2020, with sequential gains in the first, second and third quarter.. The third-quarter figure was $ 254 million. Covered by Wix for BofA, 5-star analyst Nat Schindler wrote, “We see a great opportunity for Wix to continue its strong momentum as the internet business transforms.. Wix’s commitment to maintaining its strong marketing push should ultimately result in a significant opportunity for revenue expansion in the coming years . . . We expect the marketing efforts for 2020 to leave Wix in a strong position by 2021. In line with his comments, Schindler ranked WIX a Buy, and a price target of $ 350 points to a 47% rise over the next 12 months.. (To see Schindler’s track record, click here) Generally speaking, Wix stocks have a consensus of Strong Buy analysts based on 8 reviews, split into 7 Purchases and 1 Contract. The stock sells for $ 238. 27, $ 323. 13 Average Target Price indicates room for upside growth of 35% next year. (See Wix stock analysis on TipRanks) Peloton Interactive (PTON) next, Peloton, is a manufacturer of high-end exercise equipment.. Peloton home exercise bikes give users the opportunity to connect online with classes, coaches, music, and other content designed to make turning more bearable at home. Exercise is a necessity, but we all know how hard it can be to stick to the solo regimen; Peloton uses connected technology to fill the void for wealthy clients willing to spend more to stay in shape and comply with social insurance rules.. Five-star analyst Justin Post, ranked 26 overall at TipRanks, wrote the Bank of America memo on Peloton, and he sees a strong position now and a clear path forward for the company. “[We] believe Peloton is building a content feature that starts with great educators. Peloton’s deal with Beyoncé will add new premium content, and we can envision deals with other recording artists and sports personalities. . . . We also note that the 25-34 series is the fastest growing segment of Peloton bike consumers, which is a huge opportunity for Peloton. When bike demand finally slows down, Peloton can lower ASP bikes, launch CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) bikes and add more targeted content partnerships, which should open up more demand in this age group, ”Post wrote, giving the stock a price target $ 150, which implies a one-year up 49%, and rates it buy. (To see Post’s track record, click here) Peloton’s Strong Buy Analyst Consensus Ranking is based on at least 22 buy reviews, which outweigh 3 hold orders and 1 sell. PTON’s average target price is $ 133. 12, indicating a 32% increase from the current trading price of $ 100. 30. (See PTON stock analysis on TipRanks) Avalara, Inc. (AVLR) Last but not least is Avalara, a provider of cloud-based software to automate business tax compliance.. Tax codes – especially across international borders or other jurisdiction boundaries – are complex, and the Avalara bill itself as a solution for small and medium-sized businesses remains in compliance with various laws.. The company’s platform integrates business, tax and accounting applications for clients around the world. At a time when a small business may not be able to phone a tax officer and set an appointment for a review of the books, an automated solution can be a lifesaver. On his note of Bank of America stock, Brad Sales, another 5-star analyst at the company, sees what he describes as « a long growth path. ». Billing accelerated to 30% from 22% in the second quarter, and indicates that Avalara is benefiting from the adoption of multi-channel sales in SMEs, which leads to further complexity in sales tax calculation and deposit processes.. While a quarter has benefited from some pent-up demand, we believe these primary drivers of demand are sustainable in the long term, given the increased tax compliance pressures from state and local governments,  ». Sills ranks AVLR’s stock as a buy, and calls it his best pick. Its target price of $ 200 indicates 32% confidence in future growth. (To see the Sills record, click here) All in all, Avalara’s Strong Buy rating is by unanimous analyst consensus, with 10 purchases behind.. The stock sells for $ 151 and $ 186. 3 Average price target means a rise of around 22% for the next 12 months. (See AVLR Stock Analysis at TipRanks) To find good tech stock trading ideas with attractive reviews, visit Best Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that unifies all of TipRanks’ stock insights. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are only those of featured analysts. The content is intended for informational use only. It is very important to do your analysis before making any investment.

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Digital Realty data center as a major addition to the Western Sydney data center digs
Digital Realty to build a 250MW data center campus in Western Sydney

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