World News – AU – Eminem fans say they feel old when daughter Hailie turns 25


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Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade has just turned 25 and fans of her rapper dad don’t seem sure how the time has passed.

One person replied to their birthday Instagram post by saying, « Remember when she was a little girl. « 

Another added: « Dundefinedundefinedo do you want to feel old?

@ Eminem’s daughter Hailie Scott turned 25.

She looks great! « 

Someone else wrote, « Em’s daughter Hailie is 25.

I’m so damn old « while another wrote, » Hailie turning 25 makes me old like I know what happened to the little girl from My Dad’s Gone Crazy? « 

Eminem recently spoke about parenting and how proud he is of Hailie when speaking on Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin ‘podcast.

The rap legend said, « No babies, she has a boyfriend, but she is fine. It definitely made me proud. She graduated from college. « 

The 48-year-old had Hailie with his ex-wife and high school girlfriend, Kimberly Scott, whom he was married to twice.

Eminem – real name Marshall Mathers – went on to say that raising Hailie and his two nieces was his proudest achievement.

He said, « I have a niece who I raised too, which is pretty much like a daughter to me, and she’s 26, and I have a younger one who’s 17 now.

« So when I think about my accomplishments, I am probably most proud of raising children. « 

Well almost every parent says that, but when you’re a parent who has won an Oscar, 15 Grammys, and eight American Music Awards, that means more, doesn’t it?

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Eminem, Hailie Jade, Kimberly Anne Scott and Nathan Samra-Mathers

World News – AU – Eminem fans say they feel old when daughter Hailie turns 25
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