World News – AU – Everyone on TikTok hates Matthew Morrison, « Glee’s » inappropriate teacher


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Growing up means realizing that Will Schuester should have been in jail and not running a high school glee club.

To make 2020 a bit worse, NBC recently announced that Matthew Morrison played the Grinch in Dr. . Seuss’ The Grinch Musical!

While it was already a pretty darned concept, casting Matthew Morrison as the Grinch was a good choice for NBC. Sure, he directed the Broadway production of Hairspray and can sing, but it’s still Matthew Morrison. You know the damn problematic Will Schuester on Glee?

NBC obviously didn’t give its name a quick search on TikTok or Twitter and ran with its casting decision and gave its first glimpse of the new Grinch musical during the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade over the weekend that horrified the internet.


Let’s examine why the internet, and especially Gen Z on TikTok, hate the actor so much:

One of Morrison’s most notable roles was Will Schuester, the Spanish teacher who became the director of the glee club, eager to restore a high school choir club to its former glory.

With a glee club full of outsiders from all walks of life – or minorities, like Mr. . Schue challenged them to just be in a choir club – Glee focused on the group’s ability to work together and produce competitive covers while exploring the personal struggles of the teachers and students featured on the show.

And to be fair, the series was groundbreaking when it premiered in 2009. There really weren’t a lot of musical dramas that suited modern music well, and a lot of shows didn’t really focus on serious topics like teenage pregnancy, disability, and LGBTIQ struggles like glee.

However, when everyone watched the show again to pass the time during the 2020 quarantine, people noticed that Glee was kind of shitty.

Not only are many covers scared, Will Schuester was also a threat. Worse still, it was totally inappropriate. In all honesty, anyone with three brain cells could see Mr.. . Schue should never have completed an apprenticeship.

wanted nothing more than to be a glee club member at McKinley until I watched Glee again and realized that Will Schuester should be in jail

Between losing mind about his 16-year-old student shaking their asses and preventing a transgender student from using his staff’s toilets just to make sure the glee club got their right to twerk and singing and his fedora during a highly sexual ‘Toxic’ performance with his students, Mr.. . Schue was just so worried.

I mean the man didn’t have any adult friends, which is always a big red flag. He literally asked Finn to be his best man and abandoned his students just so he could fuck his wife in the faculty toilets where a student walked into her.

And yes, while Will Schuester and Matthew Morrison are not the same person, the actor has suffered the fate of people like Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe, in which the character and actor simply cannot be separated.

But even if they could be separated, Matthew Morrison isn’t that different from Will Schuester in real life anyway.

Matthew Morrison has a habit of doing things that astound you. Most notable, however, is Morrison’s social media memorial post for his glee co-stars, which has passed over the years.

When Mark Salling died in 2018, Morrison thought the perfect way to grieve was to upload a picture of yourself between Salling and Cory Monteith, who was also dead.

A perfectly normal thing . . . until you see his caption which was just a sad face sandwiched between two angel emojis to portray the living and the dead.

In addition to being extremely insensitive to emoji decisions, it has also been frowned upon by online folks to paint Monteith and Salling in the same light. You know, considering the two died in very different circumstances, overdosing Monteith in 2013, and Salling committing suicide while awaiting conviction for child pornography.

When Naya Rivera was declared missing earlier this year, Morrison felt that the most appropriate course of action was to share a picture of her with the lyrics, “I’ll say a little prayer for you,” and absolutely nothing else. This was likely because Rivera sang a rendition of Aretha Franklin’s track on the show.

But if your friend goes missing and is later pronounced dead, it’s still a real decision.

Aside from his troubled moments as Will Schuester at Glee and his unfortunate social media posts, all those random clips of Matthew Morrison on stage made people go crazy.

As a fairly successful Broadway star, there are tons of clips of Morrison dancing and singing and, sadly, for all of us, even some of the actors doing fucking choreography classes.

Simply put, whatever form Matthew Morrison is in, he’s scary and bad-tempered – which is exactly why TikTok hates the man.

Whenever a Matthew Morrison video pops up on the For You page, the comments are inundated by people wondering what terrible life choices made them here. Some are asking for a triggering alert for all of Matthew Morrison’s content, while others believe his dance feels like a hate crime.

« Pandemic at a time, please » is a popular comment among all Morrison-related videos. « This is my 13th. Reason why « is another.

It should be noted, however, that all the hatred of Matthew Morrison is really just a big joke … mostly. Ok, the fear has at least some truth. Regardless, the anti-Matthew Morrison TikToks are hilarious and honest, pretty well deserved.

And before you feel bad about Matthew Morrison, just know that he has some fans out there. Like Rachel Berry, I think.


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World News – AU – Everyone on TikTok hates Matthew Morrison, the inappropriate teacher of « Glee »
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