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Fnatic handed GenG their first defeat in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship group stage after an impressive team effort

GenG has succeeded so far with their controlled late-game style of play at Worlds But against Fnatic they tried something new Instead of a team-fight oriented lineup, GenG went for the Nidalee in the jungle and Renekton at the top The duo are known to be very strong at the start and in the middle of the match, but tend to fall heavily in team fights.

Fnatic was drafted towards comfort and had a very strong lineup for team fights, making it a perfect chance for European fan favorites to get excited

Even though GenG had the line-up at the start of the game, it was Fnatic who managed to put pressure from the start Fnatic played wisely towards the bottom lane, where Martin « Rekkles » Larsson and Zdravets « Hylissang » Galabov have had the first blood on their own

Rekkles managed to secure a big lead over GenPark « Ruler » Jae-hyuk, G’s star player, was enough for Fnatic to snowball the game out of control Fnatic proved for the first time that they could compete in group C and that GenG is exploitable

Fnatic ties GenG for first place in the group and everything is wide open again

For the first time at this year’s Worlds, GenG aimed to play an aggressive start to the game through the summit and the jungle.With Nidalee and Renekton, GenG should have been able to put pressure on the Fnatic lanes but they didn’t did not succeed

Fnatic had to punish them in the bottom lane which took all of Nidalee’s focus and Renekton to do anything GenG still managed to come back in the middle of the game with a big fight in the bottom lane. low, but the composition needed a bigger lead to avoid being overtaken

The early-game lineup was a nice try from GenG, but there’s no doubt that they thrive better thanks to scaling GenG is probably forced to practice these lineups as they could cope. to aggressive opponents on the road Playing at pure scale against teams like Top Esports and DAMWON Gaming won’t be strong in this meta

Fnatic were the first team to show GenG has obvious weaknesses Much like GenG, Fnatic is known for their controlled style and tendency to play for endgame fights This time around, Fnatic was the only team to write in this direction, a blessing for them

Fnatic immediately punished Gen’s disrespectful lineup and showed that shutting down GenG Bot Lane can pay dividends Despite a few mid-game mistakes from Fnatic, their lineups were miles ahead and never risked losing lose

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World news – AU – Fnatic hands GenG first defeat at Worlds 2020, exploits its weaknesses – LoL – News – WINgg


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