World News – AU – Former AFL lover’s assault on Steve Jacobs’ ex-wife was a ‘hug’


Former player partner Rosie Jacobs missed a crucial email before heading home and « cuddling » her

Former AFL player Matthew Shir missed emails from Steve Jacobs ex-wife Rosie threatening him with an AVO before he got into his unit and slipped out in bed, discovered a magistrate

Shirt, 39, escaped conviction for assaulting Rosie Jacobs when he scaled a fence to enter her second-floor apartment through the balcony before repeatedly attempting to cuddle her on January 10

This happened as the couple’s recurring relationship was « clearly falling apart, » Magistrate Michael Allen said Thursday

He discovered that Shir had « not done real violence » to Ms Jacobs, 41, the ex of former Today Show meteorologist, Mr. Jacobs

Matthew Shir and Rosie Jacobs, Stevie Jacobs’ ex-wife, in happier times Image: InstagramSource: Supplied

Former Adelaide Crow had pleaded guilty to common assault and reckless damage to property, due to a security screen he stepped on as he climbed onto the balcony

Shir went to Mrs Jacobs’ home in Bronte around 11:30 a.m. after a night out drinking with friends from work and decided to try a different entrance when he was unable to get through the front door into due to chain lock

After knocking unanswered on the sliding balcony doors, he walked into the unit, took off his shirt, and went to bed with his then ex-partner who earlier today told him sent an email asking him to return his key and telling him: « You don’t have permission to contact me »

« It’s over, you are not welcome I want you to leave immediately, » she said trying to pull her towards him and put her arms around his chest

Later, after following her into the kitchen, Shir said, « I just want to be in bed with you… I’ll be leaving tomorrow I swear »

He left when a neighbor was called for help from Mrs Jacobs and she dialed the triple-0 Shir was arrested at his home in Bondi around 230h

Matthew Shir arrives to be sentenced Thursday Image: NCA NewsWire / Steven Saphore Source: News Corp Australia

Mrs. Jacobs was home alone in bed at the time, which Mr. Allen deemed to be a « significant » aggravating factor in Shir’s actions

Prosecutor Laura Crase argued at this month’s hearing that Shir went to the apartment to confront her ex during the 41-hour 6 email, and a second sent a minute longer. late informing her that she needed her key to give her new flame Dylan Nash

But M Allen said there was no evidence to contradict the business development manager’s claim that he had not seen the emails or that Shir was genuinely concerned about Ms Jacobs’ welfare while their relationship was falling apart

He noted that it was « not unusual » for the former soccer player to use the balcony to enter, according to past examples included in the agreed facts

The magistrate considered the offenses to be « low level » and decided not to convict Shir: « His conduct was described as hugs and an attempt to cuddle »

He gave Shir two-year conditional release orders for the assault and 12 months for the property damage offense respectively

The couple had been in a relationship since around September 2018 and lived together in Ms Jacobs’ unit, which the local Downing Center court learned was the guarantor after taking out a joint loan together

But the court heard Shir move when their bond started to deteriorate in mid-2019, with Ms Jacobs telling police he sometimes used ‘abusive’ language towards her

A two-year apprehended domestic violence order has been issued by the court, with the only contact allowed between the two parties related to their joint mortgage

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World News – UA – Assault of ex-wife of Steve Jacobs by former AFL lover was a « hug »



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