World News – AU – Former neighbor star Craig McLachlan has freed himself from the indecency of the stage in Australia


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Craig McLachlan, the former neighborhood actor, has been convicted of 13 charges of alleged indecent assaults against four women.

Mr. McLachlan, who has had a long career on stage and television, was accused of co-stars during a run of the musical « Rocky Horror Show » in Melbourne in 2014 in which the actor played To have attacked indecently. Leading role of Frank-N-Furter.

The actor had received seven indecent assault charges and six ordinary assault charges related to seven alleged incidents in a trial that began last year. Mr. McLachlan has always denied all charges against him.

The allegations were related to allegations. Mr McLachlan touched a woman’s genitals while she was performing in one scene and he was hidden from the audience and he forcibly pressed her face in another scene. that he stuck his tongue into the mouth of a second woman during an unwritten kiss and that he pressed his groin into her during a backstage hug; that he kissed a third woman backstage twice and that he ran his hand over the leg of a fourth woman while she was performing and he was hidden from the audience.

Magistrate Belinda Wallington said it was likely that Mr. McLachlan touched the women during their performance, but he could have believed that because of his « selfish, self-reliant sense of humor » they would agree. .

She wanted to know that the four applicants were « courageous and honest witnesses ». . She rejected Mr McLachlan’s proposals that the women opposed him.

Ms. Wallington said she was not unequivocally convinced he knew they did not agree, which is one element of the particular allegations he faced.

The judge believed that the kisses and hugs were backstage and the face thrusts were onstage, but she wasn’t convinced it was an indecent or collective attack.

Mr. McLachlan, 55, was sitting in a Sydney hotel with partner Vanessa Scammell when they saw a video link from Ms. Wallington delivering her judgments in Melbourne Magistrates Court.

A few hours later, Mr. McLachlan and Ms. Scammell came out of the hotel where he told the local media that they would « have a lot to say » in the New Year.

“We have maintained a dignified and respectful silence for almost three years and we trust the law. « 

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Craig McLachlan, neighbor, Vanessa Scammell

World News – AU – Former neighbor star Craig McLachlan has been freed from the indecency of the stage in Australia


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