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Aron garst
October 29, 2020 at 5:03 am PDT

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges Live Today A task will ask you to catch fish at Heart Lake Heart Lake is not a named location on the map, so you will need to use this guide to locate and meet the challenge with ease

This challenge was leaked early It is now available to complete in Fortnite Look below to see the exact location and find out what you will get for completing it

Heart Lake is located in upstate New York as part of the giant landmass that brought Stark Industries to Season 4.It is the largest lake in the Giant Rock located in tile F3 ( and surrounding tiles) on the map Here is a map with a specific location:

You’ll want to land near the cabin in tile F3 or Tony Stark’s lake house in tile G2 on the map.They both have a fair amount of loot and several fishing barrels nearby Open the one of the fishing barrels, grab a harpoon gun or fishing rod, then search the lake for fishing spots.You will need to catch 5 fish to complete the challenge

There are a few other places by the lake that can provide loot, but these are the best two

You’ll get 25,000 experience points to help you conquer the super-long Season 4 grind Be sure to complete the other Upstate New York challenge in week 10 by opening chests while you’re at Heart Lake Remember to complete all of the Fortnitemare challenges, including finding all of those Witch Huts, before the Halloween event ends

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