WORLD NEWS – AU – Gladys Bergiklian takes a veiled hit in Daryl Maguire


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Publish date: 09:38 GMT, 16 November 2020 | Updated: 11:14 GMT, November 16, 2020

Gladys Prejiclian criticized her ex-lover Daryl Maguire and used the failed relationship to advise other women struggling with heartbreak.

The New South Wales Prime Minister was unofficially forced to sack a shameful MP ​​Wagga Wagga in 2018 after learning he was making elusive deals.

But she continued her « close personal relationship » with the 61-year-old until recently in September, when she was called to testify in the Independent Commission Against Corruption investigation.

Mrs. Prejiclian opened up to Marie Claire about her own love life after being highlighted after inquiring

The New South Wales Prime Minister was forced to unofficially sack Wagga Wagga Member of Parliament, Daryl Maguire, in 2018 after learning he was making elusive deals

Mrs. Berejiklian opened up to Marie Claire about her private love life after she was exposed during the investigation.

“I haven’t really allowed myself to handle everything yet. I was in a position to work, ‘she said to the publication.

‘When any of us have a hard time, you change or grow as a person. I don’t care much about what people think about my decisions.

Ms Berejiklian said 2020 was a year of tremendous personal growth, but she was excited about the day she could «  lie down by the pool  ».

Last month, Ms. Prejiklian told the Daily Telegraph that revealing details of her private life about her private life was a nightmare and leaving her feeling « offended and embarrassed. ».

« I’m still trying to address it. I feel like someone else is living this . . . It’s like I’m the main protagonist in a movie, « she said.

‘It’s like I’m the actor and the movie will end and my life will return to normal but it will never return to normal..

Mrs. Berejiklian « continued a close personal relationship with the 61-year-old until recently in September

I can officially say to people I’ve given up on love. I’ll just say I always put my job first, rightly or wrongly, and that will now continue indefinitely,  ».

At the height of their relationship, Mrs. Berejiklian was hoping to one day wander in public with Mr. Maguire, and even dreamed of marrying him.

During the ICAC inquiry and subsequent multimedia appearances, Mrs. Berejiklian looked sober, but admitted that she shed tears in the privacy of her home due to the embarrassment of the whole experience..

During the corruption hearing, I learned to what extent Mr. Maguire relied on her name during discussions with business partners and her government’s resources for his elusive side deals..

Mrs. Berejiklian is a private, famous woman who did not speak publicly about her personal affairs or relationship status before the details of this romance were published last month.

Ms. Prejiklian interview appears in the December issue of Marie Claire. Pictured: Actress Scarlett Johansson

The Prime Minister informed her sister that she was about to be publicly humiliated during the hearing, but was unable to go into details with them for legal reasons.

Mrs. Berejiklian did not specify what exactly her relationship with Mr. Maguire was, and admitted to publication that it was difficult to classify her.

Although she never introduced him to her family, she admitted that she loved him and considered marrying him after decades of « marrying a job. ».

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World News – AU – Gladys Berejiklian takes veiled pass at Daryl Maguire
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